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Custom Menu in Blu Ray Creator?

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  • Custom Menu in Blu Ray Creator?

    I have successfully created DVDs with custom menus to access multiple training videos. I have not been able to make custom menus work when creating Blu Ray disks. The Blu Ray Creator allows me to go through all the same steps and create an ISO, same as with the DVD Creator. However, the Blu Ray ISO does not provide a menu.

    When the Blu Ray disk is run, no menu is seen. One of the multiple videos automatically begins playing and only that one runs. It turns out that the video that runs is whichever one happens to be the longest of those included on the disk. Looking at the contents of the ISO file created, all of the included .m2ts files are there so the issue is not that Blu Ray Creator cannot encode the videos. It simply does not implement the menu.

    Is there something I am doing wrong or is this behavior normal, even though the on line instructions say it should work?

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    It should work, if you select Custom Menu on the Advanced Settings page and click the Custom Menu button and select Start from Menu, as shown in the capture. Are these the steps you are following?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1-011 BDCREATOR.png Views:	1 Size:	162.4 KB ID:	341219

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      I just found your reply. I checked and what you describe above is working. I was attempting to do the same thing with BD9 format. With that format, there is no menu and only the largest of the multiple files plays.

      What I am attempting to do is to set up training DVD's in BluRay resolution. These are short videos not requiring the size and expense of BluRay disks.

      Am I to assume that BD9 and BD5 formats will not support this?


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        I see what you are trying to do now, I've never tried that. I'm not sure if BD9/5 type output is supported in Creator with menus. The Blu-ray output won't really look much better than the DVD resolution, since that is what the Source files are. If the files are short, I believe I would just use DVD Creator if a DVD-9 will hold enough of the content for your purposes.
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          Well, actually the videos are high definition. The total content length with Blu Ray is within BD9 size limit. It is just a series of how to information of PC screen shots. Unfortunately, DVD format did not provide sufficient resolution to clearly see what was being demonstrated. Single file Blu Ray disk creation has adequate resolution but requires half a dozen disks. I was hoping for better results with the menu system.