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  • DVD Creator burned DVDs won't play on PCs

    I'm new to DVD Creator. Just bought it today and did two DVDs with MP4 files. Neither will play on any of my PCs. They are running the 1809 Windows 10. They do work in stand alone DVD players, however. But one of them had severe glitches and freezes. For years I've used SoThink's Movie DVD Maker, the pro version. Evidently, DVDFab has acquired the company. It stopped allowing me to be registered. Nevertheless, it always produced flawless DVDs! One would think that DVD Creator would be at least as good if not much better. Maybe I might create ISO files, then us IMGBurn to burn to disk? Please advise.

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    what brand of blank media do you use ??
    Verbatim brand are the best.
    did you try slowing down your burn speed ? try 4x speed


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      If you plan to use ImgBurn (good idea), tell DVDFab to write the output to a folder and use Img in Build mode and let Img generate the image. The most common causes of what you report are: 1) bad media, especially DL DVDs, try a different brand 2) burning too fast, reduce the speed to 4X for DL, 6-8X for SL blanks* 3) dust on the lens of the burning laser in your drive, try cleaning it. If none of the above helps, attach the DVDFab internal log session and burn log from the Creator tasks. Never heard of SoThink.

      * for Verbatim 8x-10x DLs, set the burn speed to 6X or 8X.
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        Thanks for the input. I really do appreciate you time and help. I'll try doing the ImgBurn method you suggest as well as a slower burn speed. Believe it or not, in the past I've had more Verbatim discs turn coaster than any other brand. Not many, just every so often. I think they don't make them in Singapore anymore?? I've been using the Micro Center store brand Windata and they've always worked great! For this project I used single layer discs. I still don't understand why neither will play in my PCs.

        I'll send the logs if the above doesn't help.



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          What player are you using in your PC? Will Windows allow you to open the disc from explorer and see all the files inside the VIDEO_TS folder (IFO, BUP, VOB etc)?
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            Just finished creating the same DVD movie using the IngBurn technique. It works! However, it still won't play on 4 different PCs all with Windows 10 1809. Regarding which player I'm using its Windows Media Player. It shows "no disc". Yes, Windows File Explorer shows the files and also treats the disc as if it's ready to be written to!? However, all three discs that I've made will play on three different stand alone DVD players.


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              Oh, one more thing. A question was raised about SoThink software. The DVD authoring program that I've used since around 2009 is Movie DVD Maker. I began with the free version then quickly bought the pro version. Now, if one clicks the link in the free version to go pro the DVDFab website opens!? That's why I suggested the they now own Sothink. I can send the install file if you might want to see how it works. Just a thought. BTW I'd never had any problems with DVDs made with it.