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Artifacts on Blu-ray copy

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  • Artifacts on Blu-ray copy

    When almost to the end of the movie I start to get artifacts both video and audio,so bad I can't watch it.This just happens at the very end,maybe 5 min to the end.Why at the end?It plays perfectly till then.This didn't happen on just one copy but a lot of them.Then on the other hand other Blu-ray copies play just fine.Please help.

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    Hi Frank, this is a very unusual problem. Do you see the artifacts only on discs that you are burning to BD blanks? Try using ImgBurn to burn them and set the burn speed to 6X or less and see if that helps (also try different blanks if you have some). If that makes no difference, try writing one of the original discs that skips when copied to a folder on your hard drive and play it from that using a software player such as DVDFab Media Player (you can use it in trial mode), PoweerDVD, or VLC Player (which is free). If that does not help, please try one of the original discs that does this on a different Source drive if you have another one. Need a little more information to be able to help you.
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      Thank you for the information.I will try these methods.


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        I slowed down dvdfab's burning engine to 1x and my latest Blu-ray copy was perfect.Thanks again for your help.