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  • DVDFab v11.0.4.4 (Win) Audio Problems - no voices

    I seem to have audio problems on the last 10 blurays I have copied. The movies play OK and the background music plays but there are no voices when people talk. You can still hear the music fine and their lips move but they have no voice. It happens on any track I use for the copy even when HD is converted to AC3. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

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    Did you preview the movie title, and can any of the audio tracks play people voice correctly?

    Please also list some of the movies you get this problem and post the relevant dvdfab_internal log file, thank you.
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      I didn't try previewing before because previews take too long to get started but I just tried two and yes the voices came through OK using the default audio track.

      The most recent six movies were Avengers Endgame, Five Feet Apart, Cold pursuit, Secret Life of Pets 2, Justice League and Operation Finale. The logs are attached.
      DVDFab log 8-27-2019.txt


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        What is your playback device? Check the phasing on all of the speaker connections.
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          I'm thinking the problem is with my hardware and software. If I change the output in software to "earphones" I can hear the voices. I will need to check everything from my audio config on the M/B through to the speakers. Sorry to bother you with my own problem. It has nothing to do with DVDFab.