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    Got some 25g/50g Ritek Disks - They are really bad, lots of backed up movies pausing/getting stuck from towards the end of the movie.
    Always used Verbatim disks and they seem to be sooo much better, with only a failed back-up every now and then. Anyone
    else use Ritek and are not having any issues? I have to import my verbatim disks because they cost double where i'm from. I thought
    i would try Ritek because i thought i could save some $$$. Thanks Guys

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    have you tried slowing down your burn speed ?? try burning at 4x speed
    and see if you get better results. might also try updating your DVD drives firmware.
    also, what burn engine do you use ?? try imgburn.


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      Note that Ritek media has been known for low quality since everyone tried using their DL DVDs. A slower (like 2x) burn speed may help, but they may still have playback issues and poor longevity.
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        Yer i have always been told to back-up at a slow speed. I always burn at 2 x. Yer the only thing that i changed was the media eg Ritek disc's
        I thought i would try them for the first time, ever. (I use Imgburn) Yep so back to the good old Verbatim Disc's. Actually just got my Disc's i ordered from the states.
        Thanks for the response guys, All The Best........... PS - I actually have never tried burning above 2.4x (i think it was?) (DVD Decrypter days) I might give 4 x speed
        a try and see how that goes. Hopefully getting a new PC in about 2 mths. Does AMD/Intel cpu's (thinking of the AMD 7900x) matter when it comes to DVDFab? Be Able to start backing up
        my 4K movie when i do. (once i work out everything) ...................Thanks Again.


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          I use Verbatim, Kodak, and Optical Quantum BD-R discs. I haven't had any issues with them either. Ritek I would stay away from most definitely.


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            Interesting. I've used Ritek BD-R discs for many years (25GB) and haven't had any problems. I use the hub-printable version and use a Pioneer BDR-209D drive.


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              I have the same Drive - Yer I think the disc's i really had the most problems with, was with the 50g disc's. But with a 25g movie i backed-up
              i could really see how low the quality of the disc is. Thanks for your input Lads.