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Choosing between NTSC and PAL conversion

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  • Choosing between NTSC and PAL conversion


    I'm currently evaluating the Blu-ray to DVD option. I was happy at first to get a real DVD from my blu-ray but got quite deceived at closer look.

    Some of my Blu-ray discs are converted to NTSC format, others to PAL. Your FAQ states that this is due to the original format of the blu-ray disc (not the resolution but the frame rate I guess) that DVDFab has to stick to. This is very deceiving as NTSC DVDs are lower resolution and cause troubles to play on some of my equipment.

    Is there any way to overcome this ? Can I choose the PAL format nevertheless ? Or at least would this option soon to be implemented ?

    Thank you for your answers.

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    NTSC to PAL conversion has never been a simple task especially given the inconsistancy of DVD authoring. DVDFab has never supported or made mention of supporting that type of conversion and other software tools have been troublesome that I've read about. Your best bet may be to investigate why and which equipment is unable to play the NTSC correctly.


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      I have not seen this problem yet when I convert my Blu-ray to DVD. I assume you are in a region 2 area? This just might be a bug for the DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter but not sure. Could you post a couple internal log files for the Blu-rays that are different format when converted to DVD.

      The internal log files may show something as to why this happen for you.


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        DVDFab will stick to same format NTSC/PAL when converting blu-ray to dvd.

        It's possible to convert NTSC to PAL, but it's very hard to convert PAL to NTSC.

        So we may add NTSC to PAL conversion in the future.
        DVDFab is the all-in-one software package for copying Blu-ray/DVD and converting video file.


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          That would be a great feature (because as it is now I don't think I would buy the product).

          Converting NTSC to PAL is much more desirable than the other way because getting a higher resolution makes a bigger visual difference than 10 more frames per second. So even if it's only possible to implement it in one way, this would be sufficient for most users I guess.


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            DVDs only in NTSC

            I've the same problem now:
            Ccurrently my DVDs made from region-2-BDs with "Blu-ray to DVD" will be made with NTSC, meaning with the lower vertical resolution of 480 lines rather than 576 lines of PAL.
            I cannot see any setting to choose between PAL/NTSC (FW 9 latest).
            This is a simple (and suboptimal) way to convert BD to DVD. Thereby the frame rate of the BDs (24Hz) can be kept (also 24Hz with NTSC rather than 25Hz at PAL) and stutter (as with many other converters like avs) can be avoided.
            But you'll loose a lot of possible resolution.
            It was much better to keep the PAL standard (and its increased resolution) and to convert the video and audio stream from 24Hz to 25Hz by speed up (of 4%) rather than simply inserting a frame/sec. as e.g. the avs video converter does. The PAL speed up way is possible e.g. by the program "eac3to" but in an uncomfortable way and without any HD->SD conversion.
            The perfect way was to correct the audio pitch by re-sampling the audio stream at the end.
            Is the NTSC->PAL conversion integrated already and working with this speed up when requested?
            Until now I've only tested this BD to DVD module and will not active it as it's now due to the problems for region 2 countries described.


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              It should still work as it did before, may be a bug. To help check it, convert one of your BDs to DVD and post the DVDFab internal log file. Install v9.1.3.7 Beta first. Note that BDs from any Region that are encoded 24fps will be converted at that framerate.
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