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BD50 to DVD5 FCA!35 Audio Sync Issue

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  • BD50 to DVD5 FCA!35 Audio Sync Issue

    I backed up my FCA!35 BD50 using DVDFab then tried converting to DVD5. Result was a DVD5 with audio 1-2 seconds ahead of video. I've attached my log. Any suggestions?? Thank you.
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    Your log seems to be incomplete.

    Try running the conversion to DVD from the original disc as a source.
    Try it disabling all GPU acceleration.
    Check the A/V Sync on the 50GB rip, see if it is normal at that point.
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      Thanks; I'll try your suggestion. I don't know what happened to my log, what I posted was all that was there. When I burnt the disc, I used ImgBurn directly versus through DVDFab.


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        I tried your suggestion but got same results. Created DVD5 file directly from BD; I did not burn the DVD5 file but reviewed the VOB files. A/V was out of sync; audio ahead of video by about one second.

        I've attached my log for my most recent attempt. Please let me know if you have any further suggestions.

        Thank you and Happy New Year.
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          I don't know if it helps but I've attached the MediaInfo tree view of the DVD5 that has the A/V sync issue.

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            This may help ...... or then again it may not. When converting Blu ray to DVD use the VSO burner. Until I started doing that I had no end of problems.


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              Thanks; I'll give that a shot.