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  • Blu-ray to dvd conversion problem

    I am using Asus K55A laptop with pioneer internal DVD RW drive. I use the latest DVDFab No issues with ripping DVD movies and saving them into hard drive, then burning them. I just purchased Samsung external Blu-ray drive. and activated DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD converter for lifetime. I am trying to convert 3 BR discs to DVD. A set of 3 tv series. Justified Season 4. I am able to convert the first 2 discs. however, the third disc stops about half way thru. I tried several times with the same results. Naturally, I leave the laptop alone during this process. My goal is to burn these shows onto DVD +R DL's. The same issue happened with a concert blu-ray disc.
    What could be causing this?
    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Try version 8 I keep seeing 1m 16.18s: Source Audio Bitrate : 0 so mp4 profile may need fixing.


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      Thanks for a quick respond. I am a newbie here. What do you mean when you suggest using an earlier version? With the newest version of DVDFab, I'd like to make copies of DVD's and convert BR discs to DVD's.
      If I roll back to Vers. 8, I am afraid the software won't copy some of the new movie DVD's.
      Thank you for your suggestion.
      I will wash the BR disc and try it one more time, and see what happens.


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        Version 8 was just updated and many of us will have both version 9 and version 8 on the computer.Each will download into different folders then you can use version 8 when theirs a bug in version 9.

        You can always decrypt with version 9 to the hard drive then use version 8 for the convert.


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          Thanks Glenns;
          Washing the blu-ray disc did not solve the problem. DVDFab stopped working after a while. I will attach the latest log in case it shows something different.
          How do I find earlier version at DVDFab site?
          Sorry, this might be an easy thing to do for most. I just don't want to mess it up.
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            It's always on the front page of Fab I posted the link above for the windows version.
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              Just noticed you selected ac-3 audio that's not in the audio spec. for the mp4 container so change it to something else like aac or same as source and retry.


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                Check it out glenns, plays fine.
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                How to post the internal log

                Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
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                  Hi Gleens;
                  I managed to find version 8 and downloaded. I will try using that and see what happens.
                  regarding ac-3 audio spec, I did not make any changes! No idea how that happened.
                  I don't see that under common settings.


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                    90312 Ok then they added this to the spec. as when it first came out ac3 was not in the spec. Sony didn't support it and it wouldn't play in any Sony products.I guess I am showing my age here.

                    SKOY: LPCM is not supported in this container so some concert movies only had uncompressed LCPM sound so check the sound track type on the disk with the concert on it.


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                      Update on my failed attempt!;

                      Downloaded ver. 8 and managed to convert the third BR disc to DVD (Using external usb slim drive and saving data on hard drive). I tried to burn this converted data on TDK brand DVD+R DL. It failed. Tried both internal and external drives with DVDFab 8. Then, I tried DVDFab 9119. It didn't do anything.
                      I have another DVD burner software (DVD-Cloner). that software showed data was too big for double layer DVD+R. Nevertheless, I went ahead, and started process. After a while, it failed. ( I assumed the program somehow would compress the data. It claimed data was 8445 MB.)
                      Then, my last option was to convert only 40 minute plus segments from BR disc. I wanted to eliminate some bonus stuff. After conversion, the burner still didn't work and claimed the data was too big.
                      I usually prefer verbatim brand. Does the brand name have anything to do with the capacity? TDK brand shows 8.5 GB.
                      At this point I am lost. I have no idea what else I can do.


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                        You used Fab blu ray to dvd convertor did you set the output to dvd9 (2layer disk)?

                        If you did then Fab converted this to a file to large to burn on a dvd9.
                        My blank dvd9 disks are 7.96 gigs so the file Fab made 8.884 gigs is to big to burn.

                        Post your internal and burn log files for this disk see how to in the link below so developers can fix the convertor size if it's their fault.They also need to fix the mp4 profile so it works in version 9.

                        Put the whole Fab made dvd back in fab dvd copy and set the output to dvd 9 and it should compress it to fit on a dvd9 then burn it.

                        If you want just the main movie then use main movie just make sure the output is set for dvd9 and your burner drive.

                        Different brand disks are close in size after formatting some a little bigger some a little smaller.Burn the disk at 1/2 the rated disk speed.
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                          During conversion process, I chose dvd9 because I don't want too much compression resulting poor video quality. I believe that compressing 35-40 gb data and burning it on a dvd9 gives a better quality than dvd5.
                          If I chose dvd5 to convert and compress, wouldn't that degrade the video quality?
                          Also, I don't understand why DVDVFAb9 won't burn this data after DVDFab 8 converts it!
                          I will try to convert again with both versions and attach the logs here.


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                            The only way will know what's going on is to post the log files.
                            Yes the dvd5 would be more compressed so keep it dvd9 I was just asking if you used that setting as you didn't post the log file.

                            Were you able to put the movie that fab made back into Fab full disk and compress it as to fit dvd9?

                            Yes Fab should have worked but it didn't in this case the logs will tell us more.


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                              Hello again;
                              As you mentioned it, I chose DVD9 and tried to burn this 8.25 GB data on 8.5 GB blank dl disc earlier with "full disc" option. The process bar up at the top showed green as if it finished the process.
                              Then, I changed the option to DVD5 on the first screen and reconverted the same BR disc. Surprisingly, it took a long time. rhe data saved on hard drive now is only 4.65 GB. DVD+R holds only 4.7 GB.
                              Should I prefer DVD9 when I burn this and use DVD DL or DVD5 and use single layer DVD+R?
                              Here's my log with converting at DVD5.
                              Thanks for your time as usual.
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