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Blu-ray to dvd conversion problem

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    90312: He wants a dvd9 what's the setting to keep it smaller than the size Fab is making it to fit a dvd9 disk? Fab makes it 8445mb to big.


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      well it would be 8,500,000,000 over 1048576 or 8106MB, but compressing a BR to DVD9 I would try about 7500MB because it will go over some.
      How to post the internal log

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        Thanks to u both. Now, I get it

        I will drop the size to 7900MB for DVD9 and see what happens.
        I am trying to convert and save the files on laptop's hard drive, not directly on blank disc. Why DVDFab9 is unresponsive in the middle of process?
        The laptop has 8 GB ram, and windows 8.1 with the newest windows updates.


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          Well your confusing me.Your post #17 says if I have my preference, I'd rather have double layer disc for a better quality.


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            Hi Glenns;

            First, I used DVDFab 8.230 and managed to convert that BR disc (5 TV episodes) and save 10 titles on my hard drive. my output choice was DVD9. The data saved is 7.92 GB. Naturally, I will be using a DVD+R DL for a good quality video. I mentioned earlier that converting the same disc with output being DVD5, then burning the files on single layer disc provided inferior quality video.

            When I use DVDFab9 in order to copy the movie on hard drive, I check the size of data on the original disc. No matter what it is, I make a full copy.(on hard drive) Then, I check the copied files and see how big the data is. If the movie file(s) fits on a single layer disc, I burn them ( movie only) as DVD5 on a DVD5 disc. the reason is dvd5 discs are much cheaper than dvd9 discs. If the full copy is a big data (special effects,extras, etc.) and if it is movie that I will watch often, I burn them on a DVD9 disc without making any changes. In this case, DVD9 offers the best video quality for the ultimate viewing experience on tv.

            My reasoning to convert a 40 GB Blu-ray disc to DVD with DVD9 output was that I wanted the saved (converted files) to fit on a DVD9 disc. Yet, both version 8 and 9 failed. Since I had no other choice, I used version 8 and converted the disc for DVD5 and burnt it on a DVD5 disc. The video quality was not satisfactory to me. So, I used DVDFab8 and tried it one more time with output being DVD9. well, it worked this time, and the converted files are 7.9 GB. This should fit on a double layer disc, and the video should be better on tv.

            I hope I made myself clear.
            I always assumed that new version of any software would be better. So, version 9 is better than 8. Obviously, I was mistaken!
            How do you guys decide which version to use? Do you prefer the latest, and if it doesn't work go back to version 8?


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              This is a personal choice I use version 9 first if it don't work often version 8 will.

              So your saying version 9 had bad quality compressing to dvd9 and version 8 worked and the video was much better.

              That's why we go to version 8 when 9 doesn't work but we post the problem with logs so Fab can fix what's broken in version 9.

              Version 9 always needs fixing and is a work in progress but also has the latest new developments and decryption updates so that's why you use it first.


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                Hello again;
                What happened was I used DVDFab9 9.119 to convert from BR to DVD after activating that feature. Up to that point, I used DVD copy with DVDFab.
                The software kept being unresponsive after converting several titles (when saving files on hard drive via usb external drive). The output choice was DVD9.

                Somebody, maybe you, suggested DVDFab8. My first two attempts (output being dvd9 and dvd5) failed. Then, I managed to convert, output being dvd5. Because of too much compression the burnt dvd5 disc did not satisfy me. Well, I converted again with output being dvd9. I haven't burnt these files (7.9gb) into double layer disc yet. I will tomorrow. It is almost midnight here (Eastern US.) Almost new year and HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way!

                So, higher kbps on a DVD9 disc hopefully will provide a better quality.
                My asus laptop has an internal dvd rw. I am using a new external samsung brand BR burner.


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                  Those who took their time and shared their suggestions here;

                  Thanks a lot. I managed to convert the remaining 2 br discs in the set to DVD's and save them in the hard drive(using dvdfab8 230). I already burnt the first one and tried it in stand alone dvd player. The blank media I used was a double layer TDK brand +R. The picture quality improved dramatically compared to my earlier experience. ( which was converting at dvd5 and burning at dvd5 disc).

                  I guess it is time to close this thread.

                  Cheers and have a great year y'all.