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The reason(s) to prefer IMG BURN

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  • The reason(s) to prefer IMG BURN

    I am trying to learn why some folks use or prefer img burn rather than DVDFab burn engine.
    I have a lifetime license for DVD copy and blu-ray to DVD.

    Under what circumstance should I use Img burn to burn blank media?
    I always make a full copy to the hard drive, then use DVDFab 8 or 9 to burn the data on DVD+R single or double layer.
    I care less about write speed, and always use slower speed for better results. I don't need coasters!
    Any advantage of using img burn?


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    Img burn has a lot of setting for user's that know how to set them it's professional burner software.

    You can do things with it no other burner can do.It also id's disks so you can know if TDK disks are made by ritec etc.

    You can adjust laser power to burn for each brand of disk,change layer breaks for 2 layer disks,burn cd's dvd's blurays,data disks.

    You can set burn speed for each brand of disk and have img burn remember them and more.


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      Also, ImgBurn gives more user control over the layer break position for burning DLs. I use the DVDFab engine for SLs, but always ImgBurn for DLs (for the few discs I actually burn now).
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