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  • DVD to BD BlueRay newbie questions

    I have lifetime DVD-Copy and DVD-Ripper, purchased early this year, 2014.

    Q1:Would I need any other DVDFab tools to backup DVDs onto BlueRay if I use DVD to BlueRay Converter ?
    - I am guessing DVD to BlueRay Converter only creates a BlueRay file (folder?) on the write drive then I would have to burn the file/folder onto BR disc/disk. ?

    I know nothing about BlueRay (no discs nor player/burner)
    - multiple DVDs on a single BR disc could solve some backup storage and improve convenience problems.
    - creating a menu on BR with DVD to BlueRay Converter would be extremely useful.
    - just installed a new LiteOn DVD/CD drive about 3 months ago

    Looks like DVD to BlueRay Converter is only DVD to BR (and not BR to DVD)
    - latter is not a problem I don't have any BRs -- as a dinosaur I have avoided hi-tech BlueRay because ... because I am a ludite
    - but I have to remove my hair shirt here, because BR is suddenly looking very useful.
    Q2: How many 90 minute movies might I fit on a BR disk.

    Thank you
    DVD-Copy ... lifetime
    DVD-Ripper ... lifetime
    Win7 Home Premium 64bit
    SSD for C:\
    HDD (internal) for D:\
    Lite-On CD/DVD RW: iHAS324-07 WU

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    Originally posted by grayghost2 View Post
    Q2: How many 90 minute movies might I fit on a BR disk.
    I'm sort of in your boat with similar questions about this new feature. I'm still sorting it out, but to answer one of your questions:

    The number of 90 minute movies that can fit on a BD will vary. Factors include amount of compression, BD disc size (25GB or 50GB) and the size of the DVD file being used.

    I use BD25 disc (25GB capacity). I take DVD movies I own and convert them to an iso file with DVDfab to fit on a DVD5 discs. The resulting file varies depending on the movie, but typically are in the 3 to 4.7GB in size.

    Doing some simple math, a BD25 disc should hold at least four 5GB movies easily or seven 3GB movies.

    Just remember, when calculating actual capacity, discs do not actually hold the amount they are listed as. A DVD5 disc will usually hold 4.7GB of data, while a 25GB BD disc will hold about 22GB. The 'wasted' space is used for formatting or other files required to make the disc.

    Hope this helps.


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      Realize that the size of the DVD files is not necessarily a good predictor of how many will fit, since the DVD MPEG-2 video is re-encoded using h264 for placement on the BD-R blank disc. See the screen capture attached of DVDFab set up to place 5 DVDs on a 25GB BD-R. It shows that this is slightly too large (the red area), but you can click Fit to Disc to slightly reduce the bitrate and all will be fine. You can see the running time of the source movies if you look closely. Remove any audio tracks that are not necessary to preserve bitrate for the video.

      From the way these look, you could easily cram another movie or two on here with acceptable results, a screen capture of the Blu-ray output is also attached.
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