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Blu-ray to dvd only 2ch ac3 ?

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  • Blu-ray to dvd only 2ch ac3 ?

    I just ripped the katate kid blu-ray and converted to dvd using the dts ma audio track. The conversion went fine, however, It only gave me ac3 2 channel audio, and not 5.1

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    Only AC3, not support PCM and DTS, but should be support 5.1


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      The problem with some new blu-rays like the karate kid, is that the only DD 5.1 track is a DSV track (described video) all the other tracks are DTS


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        Thats not the only problem - the Aspect Ratio is completely out too.

        Just tried a test with Armageddon - the end result also only had 2ch AC3 but the aspect ratio was only 4:3 when it should have been 16:9

        Unfortunately all the audio track on this Blu Ray are all DTS - if the BluRay to DVD can only turn it into 2channel then it is not really any use.

        If other software can do it, why can't this?


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          I was confused too.Don't run the vob file directly(large files),run the IFO file(only a few KBs).


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            Point your player to the VIDEO_TS.IFO file.
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              Rather odd - first time I asked cyberlink to play the file it had the wrong ration. However, pointed it at the ifo and it plays ok.

              Just need to get the audio in full 5.1 and I will be a very happy chap. :-)