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  • Help Using Product Cinavia Removal Activated but not working

    I purchased the Blu-ray and DVD Cinavia Removal but I've never had the Cinavia screen come up. I have updated to DVDFab 10 and still no sign of Cinavia. When copying, the Cinavia logo to the right of the movie title in Main Movie shows, but does not light up as a link to show any options. Both purchases are activated on my purchase screen however. I'm not sure it's even checking for removals! I copied a Hacksaw Ridge DVD a couple weeks ago and after burning, It stopped playing and muted my DVD player. I've never been warned about any discs needing the Cinavia Removal. Have I been scammed?Anyone have a suggestion as help would be appreciated.

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    Check the list of supported titles, in the Cinavia Removal forum. There are lists for each year that show which titles will work. There are different lists for DVD and Blu-ray titles.
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      Thank you!

      Thank you. Hacksaw Ridge was on that list. I have no problem copying regular DVD's but my Vizio Blu-ray player only plays the original not my copy. Movies copied with DVDFab say they're a success but don't play on the Vizio. I think it's the blu-ray that's the problem.