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    I might just be doing it wrong. According to your site, Deepwater Horizon (blu ray) is a cinavia infected title with a fix (green colored). In MainMovie mode, after scanninging and analyzing the disc, AND reporting to me that it had cinavia, it gave me no options to remove it. FAB extracted the main feature in the usual manner but it still had cinavia on it. I did look in the sound settings but found no English title with the cinavia indication. I checked for other title numbers but there was only one with the main feature on it. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Please attach the DVDfab internal log session for this disc. Instructions are linked in my sig, below. It will tell us if your disc version is supported or if there was a problem with downloading the repair files.
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      Just a head up Region B of this movie dosen't have Cinavia


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        A likely possibility is that on many of the supposedly 'fixed' Blu-Ray movie titles....DVDFab only fixes the TrueHD audio track and doesn't bother to fix the AC3 audio track. Many of the Blu-Ray titles have at least a couple of versions, one that includes both the TrueHD and the AC3 audio tracks, and one that only has the AC3 audio tracks.

        You can check the following site and see which audio tracks they 'fixed' for various movie titles.


        When I asked about why they only fix the TrueHD audio and not both the TrueHD audio AND the AC3 audio tracks, I was told that it was because its the rentals that only have the AC3 audio track which is simply NOT true. I have a few purchased discs that only have the AC3 audio track.

        When I tried to explain this, I was basically told to shut up or I would be in trouble for posting negative comments about the DVDFab product.

        So....fire up DVDFab, select Main Movie. Then check the audio tracks using the drop down and see which audio tracks your disc contains. I bet you have one of the discs that only have the AC3 audio track which IS NOT fixed in Deepwater Horizon.

        Deepwater Horizon+UHD more info
        • English TrueHD track is repaired
        • English late-night listening AC3 track is not supported yet
        • affected discs from North America and UK are supported
        • requires DVDFab v10.0.2.4 or newer

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