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    Bet be lucky you have it because in french I wait for all title


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      Thanks october262

      Hi DVDFAB can you please help with this query for "
      Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" bluray.

      Excuse me asking again, but
      I first enquired about this title when I purchased Cinavia Removal 17 months ago, and back in May 2018 DVDFAB said it was being worked on now. And on 3/4/19 DVD replies
      3-04-2019, 08:29 PM

      Originally posted by yoyo57 View Post
      Still great to see that "Resident Evil The Final Chapter" is finally in grey text in the master BD list 2 months ago, indicating it is being fixed soon.
      And back on 5 July 2018 DVDFab commented above that it is being worked on now.
      I purchased cinavia removal product in 2017, and waiting for this title to be fixed so I can use the product for the first time.
      As a paying customer, can you please update me on an estimated completion time for this this title?

      3/4/19 from DVDFab "it's very hard and took a lot of time, but should be done soon"


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        The 4K UHD Blu-ray for this title is now supported, see the release notes for DVDFab v11.0.2.4
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          Thank you. Sorry what I am asking about is bluray version of this title.


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            Hello. Could you please check and reply to my enquiry 15 April 2019 and previous ones over the last 12 months about support for Blu-ray title Resident Evil The Final Chapter.
            Trying to understand when it will be supported. Still shows as GREY highlight in the Blu-ray list "
            Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
            +3D, +UHD"


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              Hello DVDFAB. Could you please check on communications from 27 April and earlier ones about
              Blu-ray title "Resident Evil The Final Chapter".
              I cannot see any reply or support for the title yet
              Waiting for support of this title since I purchased the software 2 years ago.
              Can you plaese reply with what is happening please
              Kind regards yoyo