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Updating list of infected titles

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    Bet be lucky you have it because in french I wait for all title


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      Thanks october262

      Hi DVDFAB can you please help with this query for "
      Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" bluray.

      Excuse me asking again, but
      I first enquired about this title when I purchased Cinavia Removal 17 months ago, and back in May 2018 DVDFAB said it was being worked on now. And on 3/4/19 DVD replies
      3-04-2019, 08:29 PM

      Originally posted by yoyo57 View Post
      Still great to see that "Resident Evil The Final Chapter" is finally in grey text in the master BD list 2 months ago, indicating it is being fixed soon.
      And back on 5 July 2018 DVDFab commented above that it is being worked on now.
      I purchased cinavia removal product in 2017, and waiting for this title to be fixed so I can use the product for the first time.
      As a paying customer, can you please update me on an estimated completion time for this this title?

      3/4/19 from DVDFab "it's very hard and took a lot of time, but should be done soon"


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        The 4K UHD Blu-ray for this title is now supported, see the release notes for DVDFab v11.0.2.4
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          Thank you. Sorry what I am asking about is bluray version of this title.


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            Hello. Could you please check and reply to my enquiry 15 April 2019 and previous ones over the last 12 months about support for Blu-ray title Resident Evil The Final Chapter.
            Trying to understand when it will be supported. Still shows as GREY highlight in the Blu-ray list "
            Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
            +3D, +UHD"


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              Hello DVDFAB. Could you please check on communications from 27 April and earlier ones about
              Blu-ray title "Resident Evil The Final Chapter".
              I cannot see any reply or support for the title yet
              Waiting for support of this title since I purchased the software 2 years ago.
              Can you plaese reply with what is happening please
              Kind regards yoyo


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                Sorry for the delay on this title. The grey color can mean the title is in process but not completed or that the title is completed but failed to pass Quality Control some reason (A/V sync issues, audio distortion, etc.). Please start a new thread for this title the next time you post about it, this thread has a different topic and is now closed.
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