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    When detecting Cinavia on a title, does Fab simply look at its database of known titles, or does it actually use some detection algorithm to determine whether or not the disc has Cinavia? In other words, could it detect a disc that is infected but not in the database, or visa-versa, will it falsely detect a disc as having it, even though it may not, if it is in the database. If only using database, does it go by the title/region/language, or disc ID, etc.?

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    It uses an algorithm to detect Cinavia, and then if it finds it, it goes to the server to see if it has a solution available.


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      Just to be clear, if you make a movie only backup but haven't removed cinavia, then load that copy into DVDFab (say to rip and burn another copy), it will NOT detect that Cinavia is still present (or at least no indication that it has detected it). So I guess the algorithm only works if you are ripping from the original disc (or a fully cloned copy on the HDD). Unlike the 'other' utility that can detect Cinavia in any stream.


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        Cinavia Removal only works from the original disc or an exact clone of it (like a PISO), this has been a requirement since day one.
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          Ok, thank you for clarifying.