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    Will the cinavia list be updated again. The last list ends in 2018. Any titles for 2019, or are there no titles where cinavia is present?
    Thank you for any help.

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    Very few are being released with Cinavia at this time for unknown reasons. The lists in the forum are not being updated often due to other responsibilities, but the ones on the Fab website are more current. Here is the link for the page http://blog.dvdfab.cn/cinavia-protection.html, just look on the Reference Lists tab. Quite a few have been added this calendar year, both new and older titles.
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      signals on movies that removed cinavia 95% of titles get the green color say everything is ok to copy. But it's only on the English language that is removed. The French and Spanish languages ​​are still there.


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        1. For now, there is no new titles in 2019;
        2. We dealt with main language (or original movie language) in most cases; for some movies (from Universal) we have Spanish or French also, but few for now. We are covering more and more.
        We will add French and Spanish as well, but prioritizing main language and various releases. Please understand, thank you.
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