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Trouble copying DVD (from prev burn) to DVD

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  • Trouble copying DVD (from prev burn) to DVD

    I have not used my DVDFAB for awhile, I have Platinum ver The trouble I'm having is that I'm trying to copy from a DVD I previously had copied. I first get an error message that asks me if I want to reopen DVDFAB and use "PathPlayer"Click image for larger version

Name:	dvdfab 1st error.JPG
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ID:	316906
    I say yes and reopen and then get another error message:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	dvdfab 2nd error.JPG
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ID:	316907
    I usually click the retry, but then get locked up with the error message.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	dvdfac burn vso log.JPG
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ID:	316908
    The log consists of the same info over and over after multiple tries, even with a different disc.
    What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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    as you already know, the first suggestion would be to update to the latest v6

    then you will also need a new v6 registration key

    if you have encountered multiple read errors i would assume your dvd drives transfer mode is now PIO. you can reset DMA from DVDFab common settings, general tab.

    if you have any questions performing these steps or have further trouble, just ask.


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      Hi Tamu

      Please update your installation to the latest version of DVDFab, there have been many changes and improvements. You will need to obtain a new v6 key, which is free. You can request a new key from the link at the bottom of this page. As of this date, the latest version is v6.0.6.5 Beta, which is available for download from the release announcement in the DVD to DVD forum (where this thread is posted). Please try that and post the results. The boxes and errors you are seeing are usually the result of read errors. You don't really need to run it through DVDFab again to make another copy unless you want to change something with the disc structure.

      //EDIT// You beat me to it Troy.
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        Thanks to Troy and Signals! I'm up and running again, with the latest version. Thanks Again.


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          Strike that previous post. After almost 14 minutes and 99% plus complete, rec'd the attached error message.Click image for larger version

Name:	dvdfab 3rd error.JPG
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Size:	36.2 KB
ID:	302571 I click retry but same message pops back up.


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            This indicates that there is something wrong with your source disk. I gather it was a burn that you did previously.

            What brand of media did you use?
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              Since this is a previously burned DVD go into common settings and Disable pathplayer and then try it again


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                I have come to the conclusion that the problem now is the source disk, although the movie plays great. Media used is Ritek. I've never had any problems till now. Someone mentioned Verbatim being better? I did disable pathplayer per AGJ's suggestion, but got the same error message. Thanks to all. One more quick question. When making a copy from a copy, I wouldn't need to use dvdfab? What is a good burning software? I used to have Roxio, but have Nero now.


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                  DVDFAB will make a copy from a copy just fine so why get another program
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                    I suggest IMGBurn but if your drive won't/can't read the problematic disc with Fab then I doubt another program will help but won't hurt to try imo.


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                      I prefer to use ImgBurn for unencrypted disc. however i would guess the same as others, your source disc is faulty.
                      • Open ImgBurn
                      • Choose Create Image File From Disc [read mode]
                      • Check Add to Write Queue When Done
                      • ImgBurn will finish the copy and open Write mode ready for a blank disc