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3.5 hour movie creates 5.6Gb ISO

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  • 3.5 hour movie creates 5.6Gb ISO

    I am having trouble with a 3.5 hour movie creating a ISO that is too big for a DVD... Im using the current beta.

    How can I tell DVDFab to make a smaller target ISO ?

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    The movie is Chushingura DVDFab is creating a 5.6GB ISO when it clearly says its target is 4.3GB


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      please download, be sure dvd5 is selected as the quality setting.


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        But is the latest beta posted.. I guess will appear shortly


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          Oops is out.... hehehehe....


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            Same problem..

            It outputs a 5.63GB iso

            If I could change the target size, or quality, then I could get the disc copied.


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              Do you have the PAID version of DVD to DVD because the FREE version does not compress?
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                I am a paid user. Every other dvd I have done for a long time works perfectly. This movie being 3 1/2 hours long seems to be confusing the compression.

                I think its just the shear lenght of the movie that doing it. 3 1/2 hours..


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                  please post the information contained in common settings, info window. including the title of the dvd if not easily identifiable.


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                    The original file size really shouldn't be a factor in whether or not the movie can be physically compressed to a dvd 5.
                    Whether or not it is reasonable to attempt or even "watchable" is something else again.

                    What's the title and how large is the original flick?

                    //Edit.. Hey Troy, didn't see you there...great idea
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                      Wow double helpers !!!

                      One thing I must mention. DVDFab has been a amazing bit of software. It just works. It just works perfectly. Even the beta's. Its GUI is easy to use. Its just a pleasure to deal with. Its rare to find such a nicely done bit of software.

                      This new forum is quite nice too !

                      Look even support is great !

                      This is the first time I have run into a DVD in like 1.5 YEARS that had ANY issue at all ! Its amazingly well done software !

                      OK The info screen is pretty scant in info.. I will zip up the info files and post them here in a few minutes..

                      Info for drive [H:\] (DVDFab
                      Drive region: 1

                      Disc type: Video DVD
                      Disc region: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
                      Volume name: CHUSA4F2
                      Video standard: NTSC
                      Layer 0 size: 2004832 sectors (3915 MBytes)
                      Layer 1 size: 2004832 sectors (3915 MBytes)

                      CSS (Content Scramble System) protection is removed!
                      RC (Region Code) protection is not found.
                      RCE (Region Code Enhancement) protection is not found.
                      APS (Analog Protection System) protection is not found.
                      UOPs (User Operation Prohibitions) protection is removed!

                      Invalid PTTs protection is not found.
                      Invalid PGCIs protection is not found.
                      Invalid PGCs protection is not found.
                      Invalid TMAPs protection is not found.
                      Invalid CELLs protection is not found.
                      Invalid VOBUs protection is not found.
                      Fake vts protection is not found!
                      Bad sector protection is not found!
                      Structure protection (ARccOS, RipGuard, etc.) is not found.

                      PathPlayer is enabled!
                      Unplayable cell is not found.


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                        Here are the info files.

                        If you want I could do the copy and if it generates logs I could also send those to you.
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                          is this the disc?

                          what happens if you turn off pathplayer?

                          how are you checking the ISO size of 5.6 GB?
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                            Yes that is the disc..

                            Its running now without path player turned on. I will report back shortly..

                            I normally use Nero Burning rom to do the burning and it kicks out the DVD-R and reports the size needed as 5.6GB for buring the iso..

                            I also tried the VSO engine directly from DVDFab and it terminated with a error.
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                              OK, Turning off pathplayer did not help

                              I also need to report I was incorrect on the file size.. I got my 5 and 6 reversed..

                              Its reported by Nero as 5643MB to be written when the DVD only has 4482MB available for writing. It wants a DVD+DL to write to.

                              Windows reports it as 5.51 GB ( 5917 M Bytes )