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    Please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find anything in the forums here.

    Is it possible to do a Main Movie copy from a DVD or VOB folder but cropped? For example, a movie is in a letterbox widescreen format but formatted on the DVD as 4:3. Can you do a cropped main move copy effectively turning that letterbox version into a seemingly 16:9 version. I know you can do this if you convert the video to another format but I don't see any crop options when doing a Main Movie copy. Just wondering if I'm missing an existing feature or is the converting to another format the only way to do this?

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    Hi marty_pdit
    It is possible if you change the format, but the output video will be stretched so it will make everyone look fat.
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      Impossible in DVD Copy, can be done in DVD Ripper but it will either squash or stretch everything as CBR929 reported or will cut areas off the top and bottom of the image.
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