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Backing up Disney movies...

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  • Backing up Disney movies...

    Seems nearly every Disney movie I try has errors reading. I've tried various settings as described in the old forum such as enabling/disabling Path Player, ignore all reading errors, etc, but I'm still having issues. The latest movie I'm trying is TinkerBell, but the same errors have happened on Toy Story 1 & 2, Incredibles, Emperor's New Groove and also many non-animated movies too. If anyone has had a good success rate for Disney movies, please post your settings. This issue has been plaguing me since DVDFab 3x and I'm using a completely new computer now too.


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    Disney movies often cause problems, but you need to provide more information on the failures. Read the Help Us Help You document that is posted as a sticky in each forum. You can also let DVDFab analyze one of the discs you have trouble with, then access the Info screen in Common Settings and click the Send IFO files button to send the information to the company staff.

    I'll move your thread to the DVD to DVD forum, where more users will see it.
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      i have backed up these same titles, except emporers new groove, without a problem. i think the problem with Disney movies are the disc are handled more often than other disc and many times by children. the disc are scratched or/and dirty.

      some say the fast play gives trouble but again i have used both main movie and customize mode preserving the menu. fast play still functions properly.

      if your disc are scratch free my only suggestion is to use main movie.


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        I have all of these, I did them in an older Version with no problems.

        Ver using Imgburn as the burner, and of course using only Verbatim media.

        Removal of new protections may not be available yet in the free version of DVDFab (HD Decrypter)

        Help Us Help You :

        Troy's excellent tutorial on Setting up ImgBurn with DVDFab :

        I use Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media mainly.
        Trying Falcon D/L media

        I use ImgBurn as my main burning engine

        Free Media Player VLC