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    I installed to the latest version of DVDFab and now whenever i run either one of these games, War Thunder or World of Warships, the screen goes blank and my computer locks up. I have to power it off or push the reset button to get it to come back on. I have a Radeon HD 4870 video that i'm using. Any idea why its doing that now?

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    Please update the graphics card driver for the computer and try again.


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      I tried that. Same problem.


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        Is there a codec file that gets updated when version gets installed? That might have something to do with it.


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          The codecs are updated periodically, don't know if there was such an update in this version. While anything can happen, I have never heard of a case where DVDFab interfered with a game or any other application (especially if Fab is not running) and no one else has reported anything similar yet.
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            I had this happen once before with an older version of dvdfab. Another update fixed it. Can't remember the version though.. uninstalling dvdfab doesn't fix it either.. any intense graphic thing, including refreshing the windows 7 experience index, crashes the video card and i have to reboot.