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  • Boss Baby Unable to Copy

    Trying to copy Boss Baby as Full Disc to Hard Drive.

    When settings with PathPlayer enabled and even disabled, and going from DVD9 to DVD5, DVDFab fails to analyze the disc. It makes it about 15 to 30 seconds, then completely stops counting. I've let it sit and try to analyze for 10 minutes, and it will never go past about 45 seconds on my laptop and 30 on my desktop. The disc has a few minor scratches, and no fingerprints and is clean.

    When trying to do the above again, and go from DVD9 to DVD 9, both with PathPlayer enabled and disabled, the disc is analyzed, and it starts to copy, but around 25% complete, it begins to slow down to a crawl, and the elapsed time and remaining time very rarely update. I'm trying it one more time with PathPlayer enabled, the last test was with PathPlayer disabled, and after 9 hours, it was still at 26%.

    The issue is both with the 32 bit and 64 bit version. My 32 bit version is and the 64 bit version is

    The UPC of the disc is 024543313748.

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    This sounds like read errors but could also be an unsupported protection. Please attach the DVDFab internal log session from one of these attempts to copy this disc. Instructions for this are linked in my sig, below.
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      Matt: My 3d store brought blu ray of The Boss Baby opened fine with Fab here is some free recovery software to see if you can use a disk with read error's.
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