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Downton Abbey - Season 6, Disk 3 Backup Problem

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  • Downton Abbey - Season 6, Disk 3 Backup Problem

    Season 6, Disk 3, of Downton Abbey does not backup correctly when using the "Full Disk" option. That disk contain Episodes 8, 9 and "extras". The 64-bit version of DVDfab creates a backup with the original menus, but only Episode 9 and one of the "extras". The ISO file created using the "DVD9" option is 3.72GB, which is about half of the expected size.

    The 32-bit version creates an ISO file of 6.91GB and appears to contain both episodes, but the original menus are missing so navigation to the episodes is not possible.

    There is no problem with backing up Season 6, Disks 1 and 2, as well as all of the previous disks.

    The backups were attempted with the following disks:

    Downton Abbey: Complete Limited Edition Collector's Set

    Masterpiece: Downton Abbey Season 6

    The 32 and 64-bit log files are attached

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    Hi RM
    In addition to the internal logs, please zip the IFO files from the original disc and both of the DVDFab backups. I assume you have PathPlayer set to always enabe; if so, please also attach the pathplayer log from both DVDFab versions. If any of this content is too large to attach to a post, send me a PM and I will give you an alternate submission method. You might also try S6 D3 again with PathPlayer temporarily disabled.
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      The IFO files from the original disk are contained in the attached ZIP file. The original disk contained 128 files and listed a size of >60GB, which is greater than the capacity of the DVD media.

      The IFO files and pathplayer logs will follow in a separate reply. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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        The IFO files for the x32 backup is contained in the attached ZIP file, as well as the pathplayer log. The two files for the x64 backup will follow in a separate reply.

        I did execute some backups since my original post, so I am not sure what is reflected in the pathplayer logs. In any case, I did not change any of the pathplayer option for either of the two Downton Abbey backups or any of the backups after those two. Also it appears the pathplayer log is the same file for for the x32 and x64 backups.
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          IFO files and pathplayer log for the x64 backup.
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            Originally posted by reggatta_mondatta View Post
            IFO files and pathplayer log for the x64 backup.

            Files are not complete, please use 32bit version of DVDFab and enable Pathplayer to try again.
            And then, please post files including disc.bin, dvdfab_internal.log, pathplayer.log. Thanks.