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  • resgistration key for older version

    We recently renewed our v10 for a lifetime. My husband sometimes has to use an older version QT. Is there a way to get the key to renew that version also? He says the newest version doesn't always read.

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    I can not find a way to just get the key itself so I can register version qt. Anything I click on that version tries to go to dvdfab.com and it doesn't load.


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      You can no longer download the key files required for the obsolete versions (v8,9) from the Member Center. If you have a key you can continue to use them registered or use them in HD Decrypter (free) or trial mode. The Service Team may still be able to manually generate keys if you ever had a paid license for the earlier versions, contact them here to see if they can help: https://www.dvdfab.cn/contact.htm?trackID=navemenuL

      It would be better for everyone if your husband would report any discs that the current version can't open so that the problem can be fixed.
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        That is good to know... I have always preferred 8230QT ever since it was released. So now I am very happy that I saved (in multiple places, just in case) my original license keys and download files.