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  • DVD blank after burn completed

    Tried again with DVDFAB 11 MINI and got same result. Burn completed and Dvd was blank. I looked at burn log and it appears after the burn completed, a format of disk took place.
    I'm having a problem with DvdFab 11 or 10 going thru a copy process of "First Man" and completing successfully. however when removing the DVD and trying to play it, I find the DVD is blank. I had posted as a reply in the post of another individual who appeared to have the same problem. My reply was deleted by a moderator advised me to post my own in this section. So here is a shorter explanation since it is very late here. I had a reply from another user who ask that I try "ImgBurn". Will do that tomorrow.

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    First, determine if the problem is in DVDFab or the burning engine. Write the Source disc to a folder on your hard drive, then see if the VIDEO_TS folder will play with VLC (Open Folder...) or DVDFab Player v5. If it plays normally and seems to be the correct size, start ImgBurn in Build mode and burn it to disc. If the burn works correctly and plays in your player, then the problem is in the burning engine or one of your settings (when using RW media, turn off automatically erase or check to enable 'eject source disc when done' or both).
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      I disabled Pathfinder and tried with a new DVD +RW same problem. I don't have ImgBurn, but will try to locate on the Internet.


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        I've been using TDK DVDs...Switched to a Memorex and copy from the HDD file worked fine. I may have a bad batch. Or one other issue I failed to mention...Could the Windows 10 Format I used be a problem? I clean up my +RWs using UDF 2.0.1 What format does DvdFab use? Also I was faked out finding Copy from HDD doesn't store another copy to the DVDfab Temp file. Dumb on my part since the burn is direct to the DVD. Thanks for the ImgBurn tip, I downloaded a copy from the Official site.