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Does DVDFAB recognize macrovision ?

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  • Does DVDFAB recognize macrovision ?

    I tried to copy an instructional dvd (which I own) The Ritger System Of Better Bowling
    I know for a fact that on the VHS versions, they have Macrovision. Not sure about on
    the DVD version. I tried doing a Full Disc copy and DVDFAB said it wrote to a file
    in about 5 seconds or so. Mind you, the DVD is only 1.8GB in total size. When I went
    into the folder where DVD created it, the full files were, of course, not there. I am not sure
    if DVDFAB was able to read it because of Macrovision or because it has no menu on it.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Try with pathplayer disabled and yes DVDFab can handle macrovision as I have some region 3 DVDs that have it and fab can do those


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      Initially, path player was set to "enable when necessary" .. It did not work. For now, the computer I use
      dvdfab on is not booted up. Related questions: Can either IMGBURN or UltraISO be set so DVD +R
      media is always set to "BookType" ? ? I could not find the setting for that (Sony DRU-530A burner)


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        Set pathplayer to Always Enabled that my setting and many others setting that use fab. As for Booktype go to common settings-write and put a check next to Set booktype to DVD-ROM (only for DVD+R/RW media) and that should booktype your DVDs for you


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          Yes, I know about that setting in DVDFAB .. I was asking if it could be set in the other programs
          IMGBURN or UltraISO that I have. Since dvdfab did not want to copy the dvd, I used a prog called
          DVDDecrypter .. It was able to rip them and remove Macrovision, but since I don't have DVD -R media
          I need to set my burming programs to use the DVD +R and be able to set to Booktype.


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            Originally posted by 85rx7 View Post
            Related questions: Can either IMGBURN or UltraISO be set so DVD +R media is always set to "BookType" ? ? I could not find the setting for that (Sony DRU-530A burner)
            in ImgBurn is set by default to automatically booktype dvd+r media if your drive supports this feature.

            so burn a dvd+r, your log will show this.

            you can then place the disc in your dvd drive, open imgburn write mode, scroll the info window down to last recorded.

            edit// after doing some research [aka google] its seems this drive does not support bitsetting.
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              Only time you need to bitset is if your stand alone dvd players doesn't support the type of blank media you're using which may be your case. some drives can have the firmware changed to support that feature but unless its a old drive and you just want to experiment, I would advise against that since it will void the warranty not to mention leaving the drive unusable (makes good door stops though). I would suggest buying a drive thats capable from the factory or buying a new dvd player that supports the blank media being used.


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                The Img bitsetting utility is more robust than Fab's.
                I agree with troy512...there is no official nor modified bitsetting firmware for this drive.

                You may be able to cross flash this drive and enable bitsetting, but it's a shot in the dark and as W&B said,
                you'll probably end up with a very nice doorstop.

                You can pick up a brand, spanking new Sony Optiarc AD-7240S-0B at newegg for $29.99 shipped.
                I did get mine for about $24.99 with free shipping, but $5 more is still a pretty good deal for these drives.


                I've got 2 of these puppies...one of the best burners out there for +R DL burns and a great all-around burner for SL's.
                Liggy and Dee have a modified, bitsetting firmware for this drive....really sweet.
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                  I believe Macrovision is one of the analog protections that DVDFab does recognize and remove.
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