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  • help with disney cars

    has anyone be able to decode disney cars with dvdfab newest paid version or even a older version. It starts then freezes at about 31%. My daughter is three so I need to make a backup before its to late

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    DVD or Blu-ray? need more info from you as DVDFab can do this no problem


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      it is with the regular dvd no blue ray using the latest paid version of dvdfab. it just stops at 31% and comes up with the abort/retry/cancel msg. i have turned off pathplayer (I think thats what it is called) to no avail and turned it back on to no avail


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        Well this sounds like a bad DVD. Check to make sure no scratches are on it and as well give it a cleaning to make sure no dust, dirt or fingerprints are on it. Then give another try and if that try not work then it a bad DVD and need to be exchanged for another. To verify a bad DVD you can download and install VSO Inspector and do a disc scan. If any errors show then bad DVD and VSO Inspector is a free program. I did both Region 3 DVD and a Region 1 DVD for this movie with out issues just so you know. Another thing for this DVD you need Pathplayer set as Always Enabled


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          i did the vso inspection and it had bad sectors. i will have to buy a new one i guess thanks for the help


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            I suspect you're not using VSO Inspector properly although you still may have a bad disc as AGJ suggested.

            Nero cd-speed and VSO Inspector, when run by themselves, will not analyze a encrypted disc accurately.
            Please run DVDFab Passkey (essentially a windows based driver that will run in the background) which will decrypt the disc and allow VSO Inspector to analyze the disc accurately.

            Alternatively, you can open the disc with a software player such as VLC, hit play, then stop, but do not exit the player.
            Now run VSO or nero and this should work although not as well as your first option.

            Also, please run the the list of "usual suspects" in my thread:

            Tips on Troubleshooting Analyzing/Ripping dvds
            (link below in my sig)
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              There have been several releases of Cars over the years. How recently did you purchase the one you are trying to backup? Is it widescreen or 4:3?
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                My copy is a 2006 release R1 bar code 8693627189 and it works a treat with It too shows errors using VSO inspector without Passkey.
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