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Setting Up ImgBurn and DVDFab to Work Together

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  • Setting Up ImgBurn and DVDFab to Work Together

    Here is a video tutorial. Updated 9-10-09. Be sure to view in HD and full screen, looks nice.

    There is an easy way to set DVDFab and ImgBurn for your needs.
    Very easy takes less than 2 minutes.
    Once setup you will not have to click any additional buttons when using ImgBurn with DVDFab to burn single layer DVD5 media.

    Download and install imgburn.

    Set DVDFab to use ImgBurn burn engine and recommended speed
    1. Click Common Settings in the upper right corner
    2. Click the Write Tab under DVD / Blu-ray
    3. Select ImgBurn Burn Engine
    4. Select Recommended Write Speed [only for use with ImgBurn Auto Write Speed]
    5. Select OK and restart DVDFab to apply the changed settings

    Setting Up ImgBurn
    1. Insert your blank dvd media
    2. Click Write Mode from the EZ-Mode Picker
    3. Select AWS as your Write Speed
    4. Click Change Automatic Write Speed
    5. Select the desired Write Speed
    6. Click Add
    7. Set the AWS for each brand/mid of blank media you will use. You may also select different write speeds for multiple burning drives.
    8. Click OK
    9. Click Tools Menu
    10. Select Settings...
    11. Click the Build Tab
    12. Click Page 2
    13. Select Don't Prompt Image Details
    14. Select Don't Prompt Volume Label and Auto Answer 'Yes'
    15. Click OK

    Then just copy and burn as usual.
    DVDFab will automatically open ImgBurn and automatically Close when the burn is finished.

    Note: When burning a Dual Layer DVD, ImgBurn will present you with a Create Layer Break window. Select the best layer break according to the colored stars. You can even preview the layer break to ensure the transition will not interfere with your movie.

    Please feel free to post any comments or questions.

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    thanks troy512,
    your post are very informative as usual very good reference. wish I had that a while back.



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      thank you


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        Can I write to a hard drive ? Can I set Imgburn to do that with the proper write speed ?


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          ImgBurn is a disc burning application.


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            Excellent post Troy512!. Btw, can you post any modifications (as needed) for anyone choosing to burn to a DVD DL? I posted this question this evening in my own thread. However, it might be useful to have in your sticky.


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              i have reviewed and replied to your thread. i will also consider adding information about layer break.


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                Thanks a bunch. You've been most helpful.


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                  Originally posted by troy512 View Post
                  ImgBurn is a disc burning application.
                  Hello Scott7, Is there something special about using "IMGBurn"? Is not the burner with DVDFAB good enough? Please help me understand why some many on this forum are interested with "IMGBurn"? Please help people like myself understand the difference. Thanks for you helping get some of us educated. Much appreciated.


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                    Thanks for the tutorial.

                    What would be the setting adjustment if I just wanted to rip only, and then burn at a later date (using DVDFab & ImgBurn)?
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                      Burn the disk to an ISO (Disk Icon on the target line) file for later burning with Img.
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                        Nordo, pretty much whatGregiBoy said. I just rip the movie to my hard drive folder. After that, I use DVDFab to open that folder and make sure the DVD Drive is correct and hit the start button. Everything is pretty automatic after that. DVDFab opens up ImgBurn and it analyzes the data, asks me if I want to put it to DVD, and away it goes. 5 min. later I have the disc in hand.
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                          I've always ripped in one operation, then burnt later, maybe the next day.

                          However, I just done all of Troy512's adjustments which, I assume, will cause ImgBurn to fire up as soon as the rip is completed. That was what I didn't want to necessarily happen.
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                            Just select a folder as the Target. DVDFab will write to that instead of to disc.

                            Originally posted by Nordo View Post
                            I've always ripped in one operation, then burnt later, maybe the next day.

                            However, I just done all of Troy512's adjustments which, I assume, will cause ImgBurn to fire up as soon as the rip is completed. That was what I didn't want to necessarily happen.
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                              I always save to C:.
                              DVDFab creates a folder called "Main Movie". The rip gets saved there. Any other ripping (Main Movie only) will also be saved there. Very simple, very easy.
                              Then when I'm ready, I just fire up ImgBurn, go to the "Main Movie" folder, and select the movie I want to burn.