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Need help how convert to Ipod

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  • Need help how convert to Ipod

    I jsut burn video files images files and I like to know how conver into Ipod using VideoFab. It like when I rip the dvd and it has so many files and like to know how combine and transfer into Ipod. Thanks so much.

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    Hi hoangu2 and welcome,

    VideoFab is currently named DVDFab File to Mobile.
    Are you using the trial version and do you have the latest version installed?

    For starters, we need to know how you ripped the dvd.
    What software was used and to what format.
    (DVDFab) DVD to DVD will rip to dvd compliant structure, ie., VIDEO_TS FOLDER (and) AUDIO_TS FOLDER .
    You also have the option to choose .ISO.

    Please take a look at the product description and illustrations.
    Hopefully, this will shed some light.
    (scroll dowm the page for illustrations)


    If you could provide a screenshot of what you describe as "so many files",
    it will help us nail this down for you
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      I think my good friend maineman suspects that your files are still in DVD format, so you should use DVD to Mobile instead of File to Mobile. If the files have names like VTS_01_3.VOB and there are some with .IFO file suffixes, this is the case. DVD to Mobile reads the IFO files and determines which of the video (VOB) files it needs to convert your movie.
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