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  • DVD Ripper Program Check In with DVDFAB

    When I start DVDFAB, it often checks in with your servers. I am often in an area where my internet access is difficult.

    WHY!?!? Why, must my computer obtain permission to run the program? If I have LIFETIME licensing, that should be stored on the machine and never need be checked again. What happens if you go out of business? I should at least have software that will continue to work at the level it was when you went out of business?

    I take the view that when I buy something it is mine...EULA be damned. I treat buying software like buying a Car. If Honda goes out of business, my car won't quit working due to that. If DVDFAB goes out of business, my software quits as soon as it no longer gets permission to run from your servers. Now I can't push this too hard for various reasons that you are as well aware of as I am.

    So please, explain.....

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    It does not check in very often, certainly not every time you use it. It does this to make sure the EULA is being followed. It also checks in to servers for decrypting Blu-ray and removing Cinavia. It has been doing this for years, it is nothing new and is necessary to protect the product license integrity. The amount of data exchanged for registration verification is very small, and should take just a few seconds, less than a minute even on dial-up.
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      I am not bothered that it does check in. I am bothered by the scenario that something happens and you go out of business. I think if that happens, your last duty to customers should be to update as to not require check in. Actually, furthermore, if the company dies, open source the software............

      Thank you very much for an excellent piece of software. It has enabled me to protect my dvds from my children. I buy a 300 dvd book keeper and rip dvds until the book is full. Then I move that book to a separate physical location. I have the digital files on external drives and NAS drives with raid 1 (Mirrored) My collection is one of the reasons I laugh at the notion of everything in the cloud. Can you imagine a 10tb backup??