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A/V sync issue with Quadraphenia...

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  • DVD Ripper A/V sync issue with Quadraphenia...

    When ripping a DVD to *.avi, the a/v sync starts out good and ends way off, also the quality seems messed up. How can we fix this? I have tried using software and hardware, also playing around with different combinations from high quality to standard, nothing has worked.
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    When the sync gradually gets worse as the movie progresses, it generally means the video encoder is running at the wrong frame rate. There are several steps you can try:
    • use a different profile than AVI if acceptable to your playback device
    • try changing the deinterlace option (force it on or off)
    • try changing the framerate (manually set it to 29.97 or 30 fps or same as source)
    • try setting the audio or video to passthrough or copy (may not be available for AVI)
    • process the disc with Copy mode to a HDD folder and let MediaInfo analyze one of the 1GB VOB files to provide more information on the actual source material

    A/V sync issues have become very rare with DVD Ripper. If none of the above works, attach the MediaInfo output to a post.
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      None of those options worked. Had the same problem with AVI and WMV. How do I do this?
      • process the disc with Copy mode to a HDD folder and let MediaInfo analyze one of the 1GB VOB files to provide more information on the actual source material


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        Use DVDFab Copy mode and select Main Movie. At the bottom of the DVDFab window, for Target, click on the folder icon and select a place on you HDD to store the output. MediaInfo is a free tool, you can download it here: The link is for the windows version for XP, Vista, 7 8 or 10. You can also use this folder as a Source in DVD Ripper to speed up conversions.
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          For some reason the .txt file wouldn't work for me.
          So I couldn't take a look at it.

          My suggestion is try .MKV with the default settings.
          I've had the best success with the .MKV format & DVD Ripper..
          I didn't have the same problem as you do .
          If the default works then try settings more to your preferences.

          Also use signals suggestions for using MediaInfo.
          It might spot some oddity in the .vob files.
          That would be unusual but possible.


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            There are several versions of this disc (UK,US,Criterion Collection), which one do you have?
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              Okay, I made a copy of Quadraphenia, now what? I have Media Info for Windows 10 already. This is the US Version. *.mkv didn't work either, still out of sync. I have made a lot of backups of other discs, so it isn't something that I am doing wrong, could be the settings, my computer, or the disc. I have tried different copies of this disc as well.


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                Does the DVD Copy rip to DVD folder and files on your hard drive play in sync ?
                If you haven't test the DVD folder on your media player to check this.

                Also as signals requested post the MediaInfo of one of the DVD .VOBs .
                Usually the first .vob that is 1GB is the correct one.


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                  Here is the dvdfab_internal file and the mediainfo file for you.
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                    @ tswifte,
                    I tried to view the .txt files you posted .
                    For some reason they just go to the blank page in the link below.



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                      signals fixed the problem with the .txt files.
                      I looked at them but wasn't able to see a problem .
                      There is no audio delay setting I can find & even if there was I wouldn't know how to set it for a progressive delay.
                      The audio quality problem may be easier to fix .
                      You are inputting bitrate 448000 6 channel & outputting bitrate 128000 2 channel.
                      I would match the .AVI to the bitrate 448000 .
                      The video output is also small so I would increase that to high quality or an even higher customize size.

                      The MediaInfo you posted was for the whole DVD or DVD folder.
                      Just one of the 1GB .VOBs is better as they contain more information on the video & audio.
                      Also one on a completed .avi file to see if the audio time matches the video time.


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                        Everything I have tried has failed, based on your input. How do I convert a *.vob to a *.avi file?


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                          For a start you have several *.VOBs in the Quadrophenia DVD Folder.
                          So converting just one vob won't work.

                          I hope this is OK to post as I know recommending Other software is frowned upon on this forum.
                          However software that does something that DVDfab software doesn't is usually allowed.
                          There is an older software VOBMerge that will merge all the *.Vobs into one large .Vob .
                          If that is what you want to work with .
                          If a DVDFab software does this I.m not aware of it.

                          Next I don't have DVDFab Converter . I use DVD Ripper for most conversions but it has limitations & I don't believe you can use just a .VOB as the source.
                          If you have DVDFab Converter you can try & see if it will create an in sync .AVI from a single .VOB.
                          I don't know if it will or not.

                          DVD Ripper doesn't have any settings to correct audio delay or advance .
                          Even if it did the amount the sync was off would need to be constant.

                          I believe signals diagnose the problem.
                          I believe for some reason DVD Ripper isn't reading the frame rate correctly for this DVD.
                          So the more time the video runs the further the audio gets off.
                          As DVD Ripper is adding it to the wrong place because of the incorrect frame rate.

                          You may have done the rip with DVD Copy to your hard drive this way but if you didn't.
                          Select only the one audio track you want. I believe this would be the 6 channel one.
                          If you have more maybe this is confusing DVD Ripper.

                          If that doesn't work I believe you will need to demux this DVD & then remux it as an .AVI.
                          DVDFab Converter can probably do that. I don't know.
                          If it can & you have it try that. If you don't you will need to use a different software.


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                            I was able to create some *.vob files. Here is the Mediainfo on VTS_01_0.
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                              The .VOB in this MediaInfo is only 943 ms duration .that is less than 1 second .
                              I don't know what about that .VOB you want me to look at.
                              At best it may be a menu .vob .

                              I thought you wanted to create a single .VOB for the whole DVD.
                              You should have at least one .VOB that is about 1GB.
                              There should be more than that but at least one.

                              I don't have DVDFab Converter but I do have DVD Ripper.
                              It looks like DVD Ripper can't convert this DVD Quadrophenia to a .MP4 or .MKV without the audio track being off by the end.
                              You could try & see if Ripper does the same if you select .VOB . I've never tried that setting so I don't know if Ripper creates a large single .VOB if that setting is used.
                              I don't believe that is what you want anyway because it leaves you no better off than you are now.

                              If someone with DVDFab Converter would reply that might be helpful but only if you have it too.

                              If all you have is DVD Ripper I don't believe it is going to work for this DVD.

                              I'm sure I could guide you with other software but there is no way that would be allowed on this forum.
                              There is no guarantee that would work but I believe that is what you need to try.
                              A different software.