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Taking a Very Long Time to Convert

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    Taking a Very Long Time to Convert

    I am using the most recent version of Blu-ray ripper in DVDFab 10, and I always upgrade when I am notified.

    I am converting Blu-ray discs to MP4 files, and I have not changed most of the settings from the defaults. I want high quality 1080P output with full surround sound, and I am doing my conversions in Windows 10 using Parallels on a MacBook.

    It is a fairly recent MacBook Pro I bought in 2014. It has 16 GB RAM, 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB, Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB. Thus, it is pretty powerful.

    When I compress a Blu-ray movie where the disc size might be anywhere from 20 GB to 40 GB, it takes 4 - 6 hours to compress to an MP4 file, with a size of 3-4 GB.

    I know I could reduce the processing time by accepting lower quality output, but are there other ways of reducing the amount of time while keeping the 1080P and full surround sound?

    I watch the MP4 files on a 10 foot diagonal screen from a high quality projector, and I like the quality I am getting now. I would just like to reduce processing time, if that is possible. Any ideas?

    If you are not already doing so, use hardware (GPU) acceleration for the MP4 conversion. It will speed up the process slightly if you select Copy Audio in the Advanced Settings page for the conversion. With such a huge screen, I would not shortchange the video settings at all if you have found some that produce the image quality that you like. If you also make ISOs or BDMV folders of the movies you process, do that first and then use them as the Source for the MP4 conversion, it will speed it up a fair amount. A newer-generation CPU and graphics card would make a big difference.
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      Replace the gt750 m with a Gtx1060 it has many more cuda cores and will fly at making the conversions you can get it with 3gb memory on the card or 6 gigs i think 3gigs is enough as it fly's with my 8 gig motherboard memory and windows I-7.
      I did Avatar with the high quality settings in ripper and audio copy keeping the hd sound in 43 mins from iso on the hard drive of Avatar.

      If I remember it's 2.5 hrs long or so 80-107 avg. FPS in latest fab version.9.75 gigs. is the high quility file size but this can be reduced with same high quality by using the high quality H265 profile with audio copy.The card is so fast if you do a dvd 5 mins or less.I also have a Hugh screen so no less than high quality setting for me not the default setting so the files are bigger but better looking.You can also use the H265 mp-4 audio copy setting in ripper for smaller files in high quality if your play back source can play back h265 files. Fab media player can even the free version can so give this a try also.Replacing the video card is really the speed solution here.I was so happy when i updated mine speeds really increased a lot.Hope this helps you.


        I don't know about Macs. so what I meant in above post was my speed with a Windows I-7 using the GTX1060 3gb memory on board and cuda being used for GPU speedup with lightning shrink checked as to compare speeds.This is not driving the chip into overclocking but most I-7's do so somewhat on their own when it calls for it but not full time it's a I-7 feature.Try the MKV or MP-4 H265 audio pass-through for smaller files though i would try hi quality not default with such a large screen.Try it both ways and decide what looks best for size on your system.Can you say if Mac's can use Cuda so i will learn something here about mac's?.


          Well I just did a h265MKV with Cuda high quality audio copy same settings as the h264 cuda MP-4 with same movie on the hard drive Avatar and used the 64bit version of fab it took just 20 mins compared to 43 mins. for the 32 bit Fab version that could account for speed differences but why the H265 file was bigger than the H264 is something i can't understand same settings were used hi quality/audio copy and cuda with lightning shrink gives a 64bit H265MKV at 10.3 gigs then the 32 bit H264 Fab version come out at MP-4 7.33 gigs.

          I can't understand the h265MKV made with 64 bit movie being bigger than the 32bit version h264 MP-4.
          The two containers should be no difference? The 64bit h265 movie should be smaller correct?


            im ripping from hard drive (blue ray folder) to mkv and xbox one preset. the mkv takes about 30 minutes and the xbox one preset takes over 3 hours, same movie, in setting i used high quality, one pass for both, is the xbox preset so much better quality that its worth all the extra time it takes


              im useing 64 bit newest version of dvdfab


                Here's part of a conversation from Chat, where I was asked to check the AV Codec settings. Any additional comments from others?

                Below is my response to the Chat:
                • The box is checked that says to "Disable all GPU codecs for decoding and encoding".

                  If I uncheck that box, then for Video Decoder, I have some choices for software for H.264, VC1, MPEG2, and H.265.

                  Likewise, for Video Encode, there are software choices for H.264 and H.265.

                  Should I uncheck the "Disable all GPU codecs" box? If so, what software should I choose for Video Decoder and Video Encoder? I am mostly ripping Blu-rays.

                  Also, there's some additional information at the bottom of the A/V Codec screen. I see a red message that says: "Note: To enable Intel Quick Sync technology, you must switch to Intel HD Graphics".
                  Below that, it says "Parallels Display Adapter (WDDM) Driver Version: 13.1.43120.0"

                  I am using Parallels 13 to run Windows 10 as a virtual machine on the MacBook Pro, and it's the latest version of Parallels. I am wondering if there is a setting in Parallels to switch to Intel HD Graphics, or if I even need to do that.

                  Any ideas?


                  re the original post and slow conversion times in DVDFab 10. I'm not sure if this helps or will just lead to more debate.

                  When DVDFab was released it generally took about 65% longer to rip and convert than the same process/settings in DVDFab

                  When the 64bit version was released it was slightly slower than the 32 bit version of DVDFab10.

                  Due to the unexplained slowness in DVDFab 10 I have continued to use My preference is 'Software' so all GPUs disabled. The 'Software' setting is generally slower but provides much better and consistent results when compressing video, than does CUDA and other acceleration options.

                  My P/C is i7, Windows 7 64bit, 16Gb RAM and Nvidia GTX650. As far as I can determine all drivers are updated.

                  More recent tests show that DVDFab (64bit) is now even slower. For example:

                  Rip a 2D Blu-ray to MP4 using (standard quality, 1 pass, all GPUs disabled) = 2 Hours, 42 Min (Output size 4,311,007KB)
                  Rip same Blu-ray with same settings on same P/C using (64) = 4 Hours, 56 Min (Output size 4,307,536KB)

                  The 32bit version of DVDFab10 is even slower....around double the time for some processes.

                  Granted, DVDFab 10 has more functionally but I have been unable to understand why this results in (64) taking 83% longer to process rips and conversions. Similar results around 83% longer for 3D Rips, DVD Rips and .mkv to .MP4 conversions.

                  I know CUDA is faster but the purpose of the exercise is to show how slow DVDFab10 is compared to the DVDFab9.3.2.1 and hopefully lead to some improvement in the processing times.

                  I have the log files for the two tests above if required or can provide more info if necessary.