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  • DVD Ripper Subtitles persistent with remux option

    I have all my DVDs ripped and stored as ISO, almost all originally ripped by DVDFab, most main movie only, some full disks.

    I'm wanting to convert to MKV with original quality and remuxed subs. I successfully converted several ISOs using "copy video" and "copy audio". They play fine and subs can be turned on and off. However, when a sub is displayed, it remains until a new sub replaces it. That is, a character says something, that text is displayed. There is then some time without dialog and that last text remains on screen until more dialog occurs.

    If I do forced subs, it seems to work ok but, of course, I can't turn them off.

    Is this a known issue with solution?

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    This is most often a player issue, but we will try to duplicate what you have reported.
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      Originally posted by signals View Post
      This is most often a player issue, but we will try to duplicate what you have reported.
      It seems that if I choose, in the drop down for subtitles, for forced subtitles only, and both normal and forced.......

      Click image for larger version

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      I get subtitles in the player called VOBSUB EN that seem to work properly. Most often, two subtitle streams, both called VOBSUB EN, but the second one doesn't work. I sent this info, along with logs, through the support portal.

      What are the proper settings for what I want to do? I would think MKV Pass through, remuxed subtitles, and just "English normal" in the drop down for sub selection. Should it be something else?

      My player is a DUNE. I also have a Sony BDP that will play from the network, so I will see if there is a difference.



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        Doing a bit of testing. I tried just normal english subs, forced normal only, forced both.

        Perhaps is a player issue. The normal subs play on my computer with VLC with correct subs.

        But identical problems on two external players streaming the files from network storage - subs only work when I choose forced both. No subs with normal or forced normal. This is both on a Dune and on a Sony BDP. I can select sub streams with both players, but do not get desired results.

        Is this typical to have such problems with hardware players?


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          Hi, can your player support playing DVD subtitle files? When you play an original DVD disc, will it play with subtitle?
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            Hi Ashely,

            Yes, DVD disks play fine in the Sony BDP and the ISO files from which I made MKV's play fine (subtitles work properly) in both the Dune and Sony.

            Further, when I make MKV files from these same ISO's using MakeMKV, the subtitles work fine.

            I am corresponding with Vivian from the Customer Service team. She has asked for some technical info about the players and says the research and development department will investigate.

            Thank you