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Problem with enforced subtitles

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  • Problem with enforced subtitles


    during coping some dvds/bluerays i have always the problem that the enforced subtiles are not displayed.
    I choose every different option but i only get all subtitles or no subtitles. But subtitles which are only for different scenes are particular i will not get when i'm creating an mkv file.

    I'm using the the latest DVD Fab Version DVD Fab I'm using the German Version maybe there is something different.

    Can somebody help me what to do?

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    If you mean subtitles of dialog translation, they may not be true forced subs. On many discs, the subtitles of translations are in a stream by themselves and are played by the disc structure or other methods. You can check for this by using the Preview function in DVDFab and selecting each sub stream in turn to see if one of them contains the translations. If so, you can select them using the default arrow to make them play.

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