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    Hi Guy's
    I am using DVDFab X64 ver. and I just purchased this DVD special edition of the movie where the director and producers narrate the movie, But I don't want the narration just the movie audio, when I am in the rip mode MKV and click to play it before I rip it the directors narration doesn't come up but when I rip the movie it comes up instead of the movie audio. I checked to see if maybe there was a different title the same size but found none. Is there a way to eliminate the directors commentary over the actual movie audio? when I Copy the movie and burn it to DVD I don't have this problem only when I Rip it?
    Thanks guy's

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    Moved your post to the correct forum. Please attach the DVDFab internal log session from the MKV conversion that had the wrong audio and clarify that if you play the original disc it plays without the commentary audio.
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      Hi signals, sorry it took me so long to get back and upload the log file, Here it is from the movie Over The Edge, also the DVD plays without the editorial, just the movie audio track, but the KMV only has the editorial audio.
      Thanks For your help
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        Hi Burner1, when you playback the movie disc Over The Edge in standalone player, which audio track is in playing?
        Did you preview all the audio tracks using the DVDFab preview window? Is there one that is the actual movie audio?
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          Hi Mona, when the disc plays it plays the correct audio track, when I rip it to MKV it rips the narration audio track , I have checked. when I play the movie I'm ripping it's the correct audio track, but after the Rip MKV, I play the video it plays the Narrator track ? don't make sense, any way don't worry about it this is the first time I have ever had a problem such as this out of 2,140 movies so No Big deal.
          Thanks for your help.