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DVDfab mac release 10 oct '11 review

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    After DVDfab fixed the installation issue (10th oct '11), i installed dvdfab mac without any problems.
    First impressions of the software, its quite good, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to the software to make it as good as the windows version.

    Setting the preferences was just as easy as the windows version which is great, however when using the software itself, i found some issue. when trying to alter the video effects settings, it will not allow me to change from size zoomed in/out to manual. under the crop window i was able to change from auto to customised, but then i was unable to change any settings. Also under the resize option i was unable to change to different frame resolution.

    The dvd ripper is very slow, when ripping the dvd priest in windows 98 (via bootcamp) to apple tv format it took about 28 min on my macbook pro with 2.8 intel core 2 duo with geforce 9600m GT 512mb graphics card. on the mac version, it was about 4 hours. i even changed the setting A/V codec from software decode to mac opencl, this had the same effect 4 hours to rip and convert to Appletv.

    This is just the first beta to be launched and i understand its not the finished software, so there will be some bugs which i am sure will be worked out, Once these are sorted out, like the graphics decoding support e.g. Nvida cuda on windows, so that a dvd rip, can just take 28 minutes the same as the windows version. I am sure in time the mac version will be just was good if not better then the windows version. i am looking forward to that date.

    Therefore DVDfab please keep up for your good work, i will look forward to to your next release of the mac version to see what changes you have made.

    What does everyone else think?

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    I think you must own a time machine, today is October 8th.

    Thanks for the feedback, some of the things you mention are known issues that are listed in the release notes. This is not really even a Beta, just a 'preview' version. Watch for more updates and try them too.
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      This preview is a great start.

      As a matter of fact i do own a time machine lol. i got my dates mixed up, times flying when your having fun.
      I just wanted to give you guys a thumbs up for what you have done, but just incase some issue where not reported, i just wanted to write a few things which i found, so that you can create a great DVDfab mac version.
      once DVDfab goes live for the mac as a fully working application, i will be first in line to buy a subscription. there is nothing out there even close to what you guys have produced.


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        DvdFab Mac

        Where can I get Mac Fab or DvdFab for Mac? If it is not available, when will it be available?


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          Originally posted by cjscheib View Post
          Where can I get Mac Fab or DvdFab for Mac? If it is not available, when will it be available?
          If you spent some time reading instead of roaming the forum posting the same question on several threads you would have the answer to your question.
          Your other posts of this question have been deleted.