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  • DVD/BD Ripper Not Ripping Main Movie

    I have lots of movies that I have ripped (from DVD) over to ISO files. I am using DVDFab to rip my ISO files to MP4s. Some of these movies (including "Up", "The Expendables 3", "Hacksaw Ridge", etc) are not allowing me to rip the main movie. When I go to "Choose Other Titles", the options only go up to around 2 minutes long. These are all trailers and extras. The main movie is not showing in that list, and subsequently I can't rip the actual movie from the ISO to an MP4. I know the file is still there (hiding somewhere), as I can open the ISO in VLC and it plays just fine. How do I get these few movies that do this to rip the main movie?

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    These titles all share a type of protection that disguises the actual main title and required updates to DVDFab when they were first released. Make sure you are using the latest Mac version. If the ISOs you are using were made with DVDFab in Full Disc mode, they should work. I have Up and Exp3 somewhere and will try them on my Windows PC if I can find the discs. Please attach the DVDFab internal log session from one of the ISO->MP4 Ripper sessions.
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