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msvcr100.dll not found on fresh computer

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  • msvcr100.dll not found on fresh computer

    I just tried to install Fab Player on a fresh computer.
    The msvcr100.dll file was missing and I could not play a bluray.

    The computer is a Windows 8.1 x64.

    I installed the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)" and it solved my problem.
    Here is the url for others who have the problem : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl...s.aspx?id=5555

    The installer would need to be updated to include this redistribuable.

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    You may wish to wait to see what the developers have to say before installing this, it may not be necessary on your system. Until then, do so at your own risk.
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      Sound advice.
      Always best to avoid installing runtimes that you don't know about and cannot verify de legitimacy of the source.

      Visual Studio developpers will recognize that set of runtimes from Microsoft.
      My post was mainly targeted at them and they know where to find them.

      I can see that it would have been best not to include the url.
      My apologies to the moderation team.


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        Running windows 7/64 after a fresh reboot as said in the topic. Said reboot (system restore) has been performed numerous times on this old computer as I back everything up first. Same problem every time as stated in the topic... same solution as the original posters link... unless you want to wait forever for microsoft to catch up. No problems here using it over and over. Apologies not necessary as you were helpful and spot-on. By the way DVDFabMediaPlayer2505 is the version it happened last at and once fixed is the only version that works. Player 3 never worked no matter what (feel free to help on why?)... Black screen with audio and subtitles. I know the reply is a bit late by a few years but it is to show how this solution has worked for me time and time again. Thanks to the poster spaceharfang wherever you are now., More help to me than anyone else... hope this helps somebody else stuck on an old version of fabplayer that can be fixed as I have no idea why newer versions do not work out of the box on these PC's. I am sure the developers said nothing here... no offence Signals nothing but love here.
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          Thank you for being with DVDFab.

          About the Player 2/3 problem you reported, we are sorry about it. We no longer update old player versions, the development emphasis is now in Player 5. The experience we gained from Player 2 and player 3 versions helps improving the playback experience and features in DVDFab Player 5, which supports to open movie discs in a quicker manner, supports 4K UHD, HEVC, HDR playback, etc..

          We invite you to download DVDFab Player 5 at http://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm and trial it out. lf you have a valid license for DVDFab Player in your DVDFab account, you can use your account and password at DVDFab Member Center to activate Player 5.

          Shall you have any problem with Player 5, please kindly report, we will check it out. Thank you for your continued support.

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            It is not a matter that Microsoft will catch up to eventually.
            The redistribuable that Microsoft made is meant to be bundled with the software that uses it.
            Therefore, there are many software installer that will install it as well.
            When you install it manually, you are only filling a gap that was missed in the player's installer at that point.
            There is no side effect to doing it manually beside the inconvenience of it.

            The version needed of the redistribuable might change over time.
            You can identify which version by the name of the missing file.


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              As Mona noted, the obsolete versions will not be updated by the Fab developers; Player 5 has improved performance and features, but if you prefer the older one(s) it's fine. This very old thread is closed.
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