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  • Bug fix and feature suggestions

    So I bought the the DVDFab Player 5 Ultra (lifetime) I'm using v5.0.0.8 on windows 10 and I have a few bug fixes to report and some features to suggest:

    Bug fix:
    1. When playing UHD BD movies in menu mode, with discs that have seamless branching, e.g. a playlist file that plays several m2ts streams one after the other, you will get a very annoying chapter mark showing up all the time. It shows the timeline and the chapter every time a new m2ts starts to play. You can check this with Coco UHD BD by Disney - which uses obfuscation to mask the correct playlist. In this case the right one is 08000.mpls. This is just an example. I experienced a similar problem with Baby Driver UHD BD and it's annoying.

    Feature suggestion:
    1. Enable hotkey to change audio and subtitle during the movie while playing UHD BD or BD in TV Mode. I know you can go back to the menu and alter it but since some BD or UHD BD doesn't have dubbed audios or a desired subtitle those can be added while keeping the menus. This means that in TV mode those are not possible to be selected because they are not present in the menus and can't be selected during the movie playback.

    2. Change vertical subtitle position. Some people, like myself, have 2 displays a projector with a 2.35:1 screen and a TV. If you play the content in the projector the best thing is having the subtitles drawn inside the video stream frame, while when watching on the TV the best thing is having it outside the video frame. You can change it in Media Player Classic using ctrl+shift and up and down arrow. A similar feature to DVDFab Player would be really appreciated.

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    Thanks for the feedback, it is always appreciated.
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