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DVDFab Media Player Support for Xbox One X and Sony PS4?

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  • Feature Request DVDFab Media Player Support for Xbox One X and Sony PS4?

    Do you think you can make it possible to make DVDFab Media Player also support the following Devices?
    - Xbox One X.
    - Sony PS4.
    Everbody knows that it also possible to run Kodi from the Xbox One Store, but problem there is still no 4K Support.
    But you're product does work with Movie Server aswel, and we all know that both devices has more power then you're Movie Server.
    That's why I think it's definally possible to make it also work with those devices. And ofcourse I'm happy to pay for it if it is for the right price.
    I want everthing to work High Defination Audio & Full Menu Support, ISO, 4K, 1080P, you know the thrill.

    Kind Regards,
    And hopefully you're considerate it.

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    see here - https://www.dvdfab.cn/resource/video...e-media-player


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      There is no explaining for 4K ISO HDR Support what so ever and full menu aswell.
      So this isn't really what I wanted, and also I want to run DVDFab Media Player on XboxOne or/and PS4 that's the question.
      But thanks anyway for this notice but it only explains for FAT32 4GB. and I'm talking about filesizes around 100GB.
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        This is unlikely, it would put DVDFab in the odd position of competing with itself or supporting other manufacturer's hardware sales.
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