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  • Feature Request DVDFab Media Player Support for Nvidia Shield

    Is there anyway that this could be added to use for viewing 4k on the nvidia shield, android box?

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    The Android version of Media Player is only available bundled with hardware and is known as "DVDFab Movie Server" (DMS). I've not seen any info indicating that they are planning to unbundle this, but I suppose anything is possible given a long enough timeline.

    I don't own a shield but I hear good things about them.

    I do own a DMS, and it's great with full support for opening ISO files displaying DVD and Blu Ray menus. It supports 4k, but I don't have a 4k projector to vouch for it. And it also supports DTS-X and Atmos if the source material has it.


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      I believe this is highly unlikely. It might at some point be licensed to other vendors, but as long as DVDFab is selling the hardware component I would not expect it.

      The DMS does indeed support 4KUHD playback, and will even allow you to watch UHD content on a non-UHD display, the only player I have tried that is capable of that.
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        No Problem, Just wondering. The shield plays 4k HDR I was just wondering as the fab player is Awesome.