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play ripped DVDs without VIDEO_TS folder

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  • Fab Player v5.0.2.4 (Win) play ripped DVDs without VIDEO_TS folder


    i found a small "bug"
    when i want to play dvds ripped to harddisc,
    dvdfab player plays them only if the video_ts folder is present
    and the files (vob,ifo and bub) are in the video_ts folder.

    if files are not in video_ts folder, dvd fab player will not open the dvd.

    for e.g.


    don't work
    dvdfab player does nothing when trying to open the folder
    (trying to load video_ts.ifo in explorer don't work either)


    open folder works perfect
    open video_ts.ifo in explorer works too

    usually the files on a dvd are in the video_ts folder
    so its not a major problem
    just wanted to inform that vlc and mpc be can play ripped dvds without video_ts folder necessary.
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    If it does not have IFO etc files it is not a compliant DVD structure and the player has no way to know which VOB files to play in which sequence. You can play the VOB files using Open File or use Ripper to convert the DVD structure to a VOB file. Unclear how you have DVDs with no folder.
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