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Can't play blu-ray ISO in dvdfab player for mac, but can play it in VLC

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  • Can't play blu-ray ISO in dvdfab player for mac, but can play it in VLC


    I have an ISO file that I made with dvdfab (on windows) and I want to watch it on my OS X mac computer.

    When I open the ISO file in VLC, it plays correctly. However, there is a lot of stutter.

    I wanted to see if dvdfab player would do a better job, so I want to open it in DVDfab player for mac ( However, I can not get it to play at all.

    Nothing happens. When I click + to "add file", I have tried numerous things like navigating to the BDMV folder, selecting the BDMV file, selecting the top level ISO image, but nothing happens.

    How is one able to view an ISO file created from a blu ray disk in the mac version of player? In the logs I see it is saying "UHD disc unknown". This is not from a UHD (4k) blu ray however. It is from a regular blu-ray.

    Again the ISO plays properly in VLC but I wasnt happy with the performance (stuttering) so it is not a problem with protection or anything like that.


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    In the future, please attach the logs as a text file rather than placing the text in the message window. This makes it more difficult for the developers to share the work to find a solution for your problem. Guidelines for supplying logs can be found here: http://forum.dvdfab.cn/showpost.php?...40&postcount=5 A BD image or folder should normally play easily unless there is some problem with the file itself.
    Supplying DVDFab Logs in the Forum ...........................User Manual PDF for DVDFab v11................................ Guide: Using Images in Posts


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      ok thanks for the note about logs. will do that in the future.

      yes i agree normally it would play unless there is a problem with the file itself, however in this case I am indicating that it appears there is not a problem with the file itself because it plays on VLC.

      i tweaked my VLC settings and now VLC works fine so I will use VLC