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  • From DVDFab Staff BDFix FAQ

    All About BDFix

    This is a powerful new feature that is designed to let you use the strength and superior technology from DVDFab to repair an ISO or folder made with an inferior ripper product. It is available for licensed users of Passkey for Blu-ray and DVDFab Blu-ray functions. Here is a brief FAQ list, if you have issues or additional questions, please post them here.

    Q: What does it fix, how does it work?
    A: Using DVFab's new Cloud Decryption, currently it can correct the failures of Region Code removal, incorrect playlist identification and faulty Screen Pass protection removal on Blu-ray.

    Q: What is a valid Source for BDFix repair?
    A: Either an ISO image file or BDMV folder on your hard drive. The Source must be re-writeable, so ISOs must not be mounted in a virtual drive!

    Q: Must the Source have been made with DVDFab?
    A: No, in fact it is designed to work with weaker decryptors/rippers.

    Q: Is there any extra charge for BDFix?
    A: No, it is free for all licensed Passkey for Blu-ray users!

    Q: How do I activate it in Passkey?
    A: See below:
    • Start Passkey
    • Right click on Passkey to display the menu
    • Select "Fix Blu-ray (BDFix)"

    Q: Can all Blu-rays be fixed this way?
    A: For most cases, eventually yes, but the the Cloud Decryption server must have the information on hand for your rip. So some new titles may not be supported yet or if your rip has a modified m2ts file it can not be fixed. Best to begin with a Clone or Full Disc ISO.

    Q: So I can time shift decryption using BDFix?
    A: Yes, just make a Clone of the disc to ISO and then run BDFix when the title is supported. No need to make a new backup, just fix the one you have and save time!
    Your playback problem is solved.

    Q: How long does it take to "BDFix" a Blu-ray?
    A: It can vary with content and internet speed, but generally just less than one minute, far less than making a new rip from a BD disc.

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    BD Fix

    Does this work for 3D iso's?


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      If iso or full disk 3d should also work.I don't think a main movie iso will work as I think it needs all the files to work maybe staff can clear this up.
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        Yes, it will work on 3D content with the same conditions listed in the FAQ.
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