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Disc drives don't read, please insert disc.

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  • Disc drives don't read, please insert disc.

    I have been using passkey 8259 and I recently purchased DVDFab All-in-one

    Things worked great until I purchased the software then I started to have issues. Somehow my Win10 would treat all disc drives as empty but only after a disc errored in DVDFab 10.

    I removed passkey, unistalled DVDFab 10, cleaned my registry. No fix. I removed and reinstalled my BD Disc drives in device manager, and even re-flashed my drives to a newer version and that fixed it.

    However, I still have an issue if I rip one disc and then another, If I don't close the app between rips then I have the insert disc issue. (Windows doesn't recognize the discs, dvdfab doesn't recognize them, the drives are just treated like I insert nothing). This is repeatable and the fix is the same. Uninstall DVDFab10, clean registry, remove drives in device manager, reboot. Re-install DVDFab10. (I don't even mess with passkey but I wish it would work because I use it for other programs.)

    I also should note that this isn't a movie specific or BD or DVD issue as I have tested all the above.

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    Please post in the Passkey forum, I will move your thread.
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