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    I'm having trouble making an ISO image of the DVD, "The Spy Who Loved Me, Ultimate Edition 2-Disc DVD Set", Disk #1

    It gets a little over half way through and stops with the following error: "file read error 997 [0!=32]"

    I have tried disabling PathPlayer and I have tried cleaning the disc (there are no scratches or visible marks).

    How can I get a clean backup of this DVD?

    Thank you,

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    This is many times cause by a DVD that needs to be cleaned.
    Get a Microfiber cloth & give this DVD a good cleaning using the wheel spoke method.
    I know you have already tried to clean the DVD but try again .

    Use retry several times.
    Try a different optical drive if you have one.

    If this fails post that.
    I will PM you the name of another software to try the rip with.
    You still need to use DVDFab Passkey as the decrypter but this software will do the rip & create the .iso .
    It is primarily for ripping damaged DVDs .
    Posting other companies software in the forum is frowned upon.
    I believe by PM it is OK .


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      Thank you for the suggestions. I did use a microfiber cloth and wipe in a "wheel spoke" direction, but I will try again. I will also try another computer with a different DVD drive.

      The DVD drive I'm using is fairly new. It's an external drive attached to my USB3 port. I will look to see if there is a firmware update.

      I do have another software app I tried, with Passkey doing the decrypting. This other software reported numerous sector errors. I gave up waiting after it found several dozen.

      I will try some these suggestions and report back. Thank you.


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        I think in addition to what cholla suggested, I would try it using DVDFab, which can often extract a good backup from a damaged disc if you are willing to wait long enough, If you don't have a license for DVDFab you can still use it in trial mode. Also, you may want to obtain and try lettingt VSO Inspector examine the disc, it will show you graphically if there are damaged/unreadable areas.
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          Originally posted by tjbuege View Post
          I did use a microfiber cloth and wipe in a "wheel spoke" direction.

          This other software reported numerous sector errors.
          To me this indicates a bad DVD . If you can I would return it & get an exchange.

          Originally posted by signals View Post
          You may want to obtain and try letting VSO Inspector examine the disc, it will show you graphically if there are damaged/unreadable areas.
          This is good advice as well. I haven't tried VSO Inspector but I downloaded it & I'm going to give it a try.
          I usually use NeroCDSpeed for checking a disc for bad sectors .
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            Ok, it is most definitely a bad disc. I was able to complete a Rip to Image with Passkey using another PC, however, it took over 5 1/2 hours to complete. When I attempted to use Handbrake to convert the movie file to h264, there were a ton of errors in the logs about bad data, and the movie was shortened and corrupt. I will look into getting the disc replaced. I've had these movies for years, so there is no returning them to the store. I will call MGM but likely will need to find a replacement on eBay or Amazon.

            Thanks for the tips and your all help!