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    This is about a problem using Passkey with IsoPuzzle.
    I don't remember which version of Passkey that did work with IsoPuzzle but at one time it did.
    I even ran a test with Passkey Lite quite a while ago. It also worked.
    The newer versions of Passkey have pixelation in an .ISO created with IsoPuzzle using Passkey
    as the decrypter.

    I want to note I'm using a good DVD without scratches or other defects .
    IsoPuzzle's main function is to rip a "bad" DVD either due to scratched or other damage.
    It does work on good DVDs as well.
    I'm using a good DVD for testing so I know that the DVD is not what is causing the pixelation.

    I believe the problem is that IsoPuzzle needs to use Nero's wnaspi32.dll to work
    It has to have this to detect optical drives.
    I don't know this for sure but I suspect that the new versions of Passkey are designed to work
    with SPTI . This is where I suspect the conflict.

    To add to my diagnosis .
    I found the problem is only using SATA optical drives.
    I tested with an IDE optical drive I have in an external enclosure & it had no problem .
    I also tested with my main desktop which only has IDE optical drives & it also had no
    I use my other computer for most of my riping & conversions & it only has SATA internal
    optical drives.

    I also tried Passkey to rip to an .ISO by itself . This also created a good working .ISO with no
    I then used DVD Copy to do the same & it worked fine.
    This was from one of the SATA optical drives.

    I would still like for Passkey to be able to work with IsoPuzzle because it can rip damaged
    DVDs . That no other software will rip. It does sometimes fail but usually doesn't. It can also
    work on the same .ISO file when the DVD is moved to a different drive. Or even a different
    drive in a different computer . I don't know of any other software with that capability.

    I also used a different decrypter. I feel it should be able to be posted because the company is
    no longer in business. That's what the claim is any way .
    I temporarily uninstalled Passkey.
    I installed AnyDVD HD version . This is the last slysoft written version.
    redfox released a couple of versions that the slysoft key is supposed to work with.
    I didn't download or install any of those. I don't trust redfox & never plan to purchase any
    software from them.
    This version of AnyDVD HD used with IsoPuzzle worked.
    The .ISO created by IsoPuzzle had no pixelation.
    This was from one of the SATA optical drives on the same computer.

    So if possible I would like this to be fixed so Passkey can be used as the decrypter for
    IsoPuzzle on a SATA optical drive.

    I would appreciate it if admin ,staff, or some other members with Passkey would test this.

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    Have you tried the Advanced I/O mode in Passkey? Not sure it would help, but it can't hurt.
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      Hi signals , I had to be out some today soon after I posted this thread.
      I had tried the Advanced I/O mode in Passkey with IsoPuzzle .
      I didn't know if it might be one of the software that use it.
      What happens is when IsoPuzzle reaches approximately 16% it restarts my computer if the Advanced I/O mode is selected.
      So I would say this isn't the correct mode for IsoPuzzle to use.


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        I've done some more testing with the program IsoPuzzle was developed from.
        I thought that IsoPuzzle was just a GUI frontend for H2cdimage .
        The author of IsoPuzzle has added some features that aren't in H2cdimage .
        They might be if the correct code for the command line was used.

        H2cdimage is a command line program .
        The reason for posting about it is it works with Passkey correctly.
        No pixelation or artifacts.

        So there is a conflict between Passkey & IsoPuzzle that causes the pixelation & artifacts .

        I know there is probably a limited amount of Passkey users that would run into this because they don't use IsoPuzzle .
        If possible I would like this to be fixed because I do use IsoPuzzle.

        I remember some time back testing IsoPuzzle with Passkey Lite & had no pixelation .

        I haven't done another test with Passkey Lite as I no longer have it installed anywhere & I don't remember what version I used.

        I plan to test with Passkey Lite but I expect the same results as using the new Passkey as I would be testing with the newest version of Passkey Lite.
        I didn't save any of the old installers for Passkey Lite. Or if I did I would have to find them.


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          As an aside, which OS are you using? I've wanted to run IsoPuzzle in the past, but I just cannot get it to function in Windows 10 - when I start a read, it just sits there, does nothing, and then freezes.


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            I'm using IsoPuzzle on Windows 7.
            I don't have nor want Windows 10.
            You might try IsoPuzzle with Pathplayer disabled.

            Or try H2cdimage from a command prompt.
            It also needs the wnaspi32.dll in it's folder.
            The one you have in your IsoPuzzle folder should work .
            If you don't have the wnaspi32.dll in the IsoPuzzle that could be a reason for the freeze.


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              I have tested with a much older version of Passkey V, .
              It had the same problem of pixelation.
              I remember Using Passkey & it working with a newer version than this.

              I believe the problem is IsoPuzzle doesn't work with SATA optical drives.

              I'm certain in the past I had only used IsoPuzzle with IDE optical drives .
              My tests confirm this.

              The problem is not with Passkey .

              If you need to recover a bad DVD & have SATA optical drives you will have to use H2cdimage.
              Or another software if you have or know of one that can do the same thing.