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  • Has been withdrawn?

    I mean this only as feedback. I'm not currently having any issues that can't handle.

    But my connection isn't seeing Even if I manually trigger an update from the Passkey settings, it tells me is the current version.

    Just mentioning, for what it's worth.
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    Hi Mac,
    The download link on the website is, you must be seeing a cached page from somewhere. The forum link also points to
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      Weird, usually when I start Passkey for the day, it notifies me of a new version. Didn't this time.


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        Thanks Signals, but perhaps I didn't express myself well.

        Simply: I can download the .EXE for from the link in Ning's post, but my installed copy of doesn't see that there's an update -- either on automatic polling when Passkey launches, or when I check manually from within the settings dialogue.

        Seems JPV555 is seeing something similar.
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          I am in Canada, my Passkey indicates that I'm running the latest version:
          Although I have not tested it to see if it actually works, it is there.