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  • and new discs from StudioCanal

    Two new Vintage Classics from StudioCanal, the films of Joe Orton's plays ENTERTAINING MR SLOANE and LOOT: the first, MR SLOANE, opens almost immediately, but the second takes several minutes.

    See the attached Passkey log.

    Seems strange; they're new BDs from the same company, released on the same day -- you'd think they'd use the same copy protection.

    Anyway, for what it's worth ...
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    Hi Mac
    Two differences in the logs: For LOOT, the region was not set and there was no BluPath data for this title, so BluPath had to run and fully analyze the disc and its menus. If you open it again with Passkey, it should be much faster now that the BluPath data (which your scan provided) is there.
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